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A Guide to Gambling in Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

The Australian Capital Territory might be geographically the smallest territory in Australia, but that’s no barrier to its residents enjoying restriction-free online gambling of all kinds. The seat of government, and home to the nation’s capital, Canberra, it’s here where many of the laws relating to the gambling industry are made in the first instance. Yet in spite of government attempts to restrict Australian providers, people living in ACT and right across Australia are allowed to gamble legally online, including with online casinos and poker sites.

The ACT Gambling and Racing Commission handles licensing applications, and ensures all gambling providers are regulated according to national law. But they have no remit to control or restrict the actions of individual gamblers, and this freedom to bet online doesn’t look likely to change in future. As more Australians start gambling online and on mobile, the supportive regulatory environment makes it easy to find casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks offering a full range of gambling options to Aussie players.

Gambling Laws in ACT
The main law concerning online gambling is the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. When it was brought forward by the Howard administration, people felt like it might restrict the options available to Australian gamblers. In reality, it’s done very little to limit the options of ordinary gamblers, who are free to play with online and mobile casinos and betting sites without restriction.

The Act prevents Australian casinos and operators from offering interactive gambling online. Unpacked, that means Australian providers have their hands tied over some forms of gambling, while international providers are free to step into the market and offer these services in their place. The crazy thing is, Australian based casinos can still offer these services themselves internationally – just not to domestic players.

The result is that most gamblers in Australia choose to play with internationally-regulated casinos and betting sites, so they can have access to the same range of interactive gambling as other players worldwide – all 100% legal and legitimate, so there’s nothing to fear.

Sports Betting
Betting on sports is a major pastime in ACT, as it is right across Australia. Australian bookies are free to take bets online, with the only restriction being on live, in-play betting and cash out. These features are available through these services via pone or via international sports betting sites, which you can freely access and use as an Australian citizen.

This all means you can take advantage of the same offers, bonuses and in-play betting features as other players from around the world, without running foul of the law. Remember, betting is always legal – the only restrictions the law puts in place are on Australian casino and sports betting operators.

Casino Gambling
Casino gambling is allowed right across Australia, and players can choose whether they do this in a land-based casino or online. Casino providers are a bit more limited – they can only offer these services physically within Australia. However, for those casinos based outside of the Australian jurisdiction, there are no limitations on the games they can offer.

As a result, players right across Australia choose to sign up to offshore casinos online, for the best gambling experience across a whole host of casino games. Nothing is off limits, everything is legal, so there’s no reason not to sign up and play.

The same applies to pokies, which you are free to play online as you see fit. It’s not up to the government to tell you that you can’t play your favourite slots games, and there are no restrictions on the amount you can bet or win – it’s all in your hands, right across Australia.

There have been high profile Australian jackpot winners on pokies, and there will continue to be winners in future, all playing in a perfectly legal way through their slots site of choice online.

Some people consider poker more of a sport in its own right than many other casino games. Whatever your view, the law doesn’t get involved. You can choose to sign up for any poker room available, including the major names in the industry. You will find many offering bonuses in Australian dollars, and other incentives for Australian players – they do so legally, with no concern over regulation.

You should be similarly relaxed about playing through these sites. Legitimate, reputable poker rooms allow Australian gamblers to play without restriction or recrimination, and poker remains a legal form of online gambling right throughout the country.

The Verdict – No worries, it’s legal
If you’re here to find out whether it’s legal to gamble in ACT, the answer is an unequivocal ‘yes’. There is no authority responsible for monitoring individual gambling choices, and no legal restrictions on who is allowed to gamble online – the same is true right across Australia.

Any regulation that has been introduced is to ensure casino operators are working within the law, and should have no bearing on where and how you decide to gamble online.

Bet without concern – Australians are completely free to gamble online, and many choose to do just that, with the help of international betting sites and casinos. There are even a slew of bonuses and incentives about to encourage you to sign up for an account, a fact Australians right across the country are all too happy to benefit from.