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Poker Life: Poker Masters tournament to be streamed on PokerGO

Thu, Sep 7, 10:51am by Poker Guru

PokerGO is a new subscription service that gives customers access to poker streaming videos. They launched just a few months ago and has quickly become an important...

WSOP Main Event
Poker Life: Methods Used To Assess Tournament Equity

Thu, Aug 31, 1:29pm by Poker Guru

When players at a final table start to negotiate a deal you will notice that it is far from straightforward how to do it fairly. Players will have different opinions...

WSOP cash
Poker Life: How Tournament Payout Structures Have Changed

Thu, Aug 24, 11:13am by Poker Guru

When I started playing live poker at a local poker club, all the oldies wanted to have a “winner takes it all” payout structure when we played tournaments....

Tom Dwan
Poker Life: Tom Dwan is the most entertaining Poker Pro to watch

Thu, Aug 17, 2:26pm by Poker Guru

In general I do not enjoy watching others play poker, I enjoy playing myself a lot more. But there is one exception and it is Tom Dwan, or ‘durrr’ as he is known...

Poker Life: A look at Pokerstars Live And Other Major Tournaments

Thu, Aug 10, 8:55am by Poker Guru

I have played poker in many major tournaments around the world: WSOP, WPT, EPT, APT and APPT, to name a few of the biggest names. EPT and APPT were both...

Poker Life
Poker Life: Why learning how to play Poker always trumps cheating

Fri, Aug 4, 7:13am by Poker Guru

There is a famous cheating story from the days of the Wild West. I think it’s from a movie but it’s a good story. Table stakes did not apply at the time which...

Scott Blumstein
Poker Life: WSOP wrap, varying your strategy and games like Poker

Fri, Jul 28, 12:07pm by Poker Guru

First of all, congratulations to the new WSOP Main Event champion: Scott Blumstein, a 25-year-old professional poker player from New Jersey. As I predicted an...

Big poker winnings draw the eye of the tax man
Poker Life – WSOP Main Event begins in Las Vegas on Saturday

Thu, Jul 6, 12:50pm by Poker Guru

July is the time of year when nobody wants to be in Las Vegas because it is too crazy hot, except for poker players who can afford a buy-in to WSOP Main Event. Or...

Dan Negreanu
Poker Life – Oldies having a good time at WSOP

Thu, Jun 29, 3:29pm by Poker Guru

We are now one month into WSOP 2017 and at the time of writing 46 out of 74 events have been completed. Another seven tournaments are underway. Only one player,...

Poker Chips
Poker Life: Playing Heads Up

Fri, Jun 23, 1:34pm by Poker Guru

I think it is very good for your general poker understanding to play different games and also play short-handed or even heads-up. And if you ever reach the final...

Poker Table
Poker Life: How to play against a better player than you

Fri, Jun 16, 2:41pm by Poker Guru

Here is a classic quote from the movie Rounders: “If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker.” What if you...

Doug Polk
Poker Life: Watching the first week of WSOP

Mon, Jun 12, 8:49am by Poker Guru

Doug Polk, the only Youtuber I follow, won the biggest event of WSOP 2017 so far, the $111,111 Highroller for One Drop event. Doug Polk beat a field of 130 top...

Johnny Chan
A Classic WSOP Hand

Thu, Jun 1, 10:32am by Poker Guru

Over the coming six weeks 74 WSOP events will be played at the Rio in Las Vegas. Let us talk about a classic hand from the 1988 WSOP Main Event, involving two of the...

Poker Hand
Poker Life – Learning Limit Poker

Thu, May 25, 1:36pm by Poker Guru

Not long ago no-limit was the exception and limit (or “fixed limit”) poker was the norm. When I started playing online Paradise Poker, the market leader back...

Scott Clements
Poker Life – Let’s Analyse a Hand

Fri, May 19, 9:06am by Poker Guru

Suppose you have pocket tens on the button and the blinds are 10 and 20. You raise to 60 pre-flop and is called by the Big Blind. The flop is 8-7-2 rainbow and the...

Phil Ivey
Poker Life: A Look at the WSOP 2017 Schedule

Wed, May 10, 10:04am by Poker Guru

I wonder how many live tournaments there is nowadays with a buy-in of $5,000 or higher. One every day on average? Probably something like that. There are also a...

Poker Life: A fast game is a good game so stop playing slowly

Fri, May 5, 7:53am by Poker Guru

One thing that annoys me at the poker table is players taking way too much time to act. I understand that players may want to analyse some key hands for a couple of...

Poker Mathematics
Poker Life: Transitivity in Poker

Thu, Apr 27, 3:58pm by Poker Guru

In mathematics there are something called transitive relations. One classic example is that if A > B and B > C then A > C. Poker is a complex game and some...

Poker Strategy
Poker Life: Adding Randomness to Your Game

Sat, Apr 22, 8:37am by Poker Guru

An important part of a winning poker strategy is to mix up your game. You cannot simply let the situation dictate your action—that makes you too easy to read. In...

The Gambler
Poker Life: Poker and Gambling

Thu, Apr 6, 9:52am by Poker Guru

Is poker gambling? Or is it a skill game? In many countries that is an important legal question since gambling is either illegal or regulated, while skill games are...

Bad hand
Poker Life: When You Have to Bet Your Weak Hand

Wed, Apr 5, 9:44am by Poker Guru

There are situations when you have a weak hand and know your opponent has a better hand on the river. In these situations, it is almost mandatory to bet! Does that...

Galfond throws down online poker challenge
Poker Life: Bet Sizing in Different Situations

Thu, Mar 23, 4:54pm by Poker Guru

Bet sizing is a very important tool for a no-limit poker player to maximise their winnings. I would also say that bet sizing is a more complex decision than deciding...

Tom Dwan
Poker Life: When ABC Poker Is Not Good Enough

Thu, Mar 16, 9:45am by Poker Guru

Often “ABC Poker” is a good enough strategy to win. No need to complicate things. Wait for good hands, play them aggressively, count your winnings. During the...

Online Poker
Poker Life: How to Play Spin & Go’s

Mon, Mar 13, 4:21pm by Poker Guru

On Pokerstars they are called Spin & Go’s, on Party they are called Sit & Go Hero, on iPoker they are called Twister, but they are basically the same...

Could a super casino be headed to Blackpool?
Poker Life: Optimal casino strategy versus playing poker

Fri, Mar 3, 8:49am by Poker Guru

The optimal strategy for casino games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps and slot machines is the same: Don’t play. If you play your EV (expected value) is...

Dan Negreanu
Poker Life: Is a Deliberate Misclick Angle Shooting?

Sun, Feb 26, 9:50am by Poker Guru

I have talked about angle shooting before. Angle shooting is a bad and unethical act which is not technically breaking any rules but among poker players it is still...

Poker strategy
Poker Life – What hands should you raise with?

Thu, Feb 16, 9:10am by Poker Guru

A common misunderstanding among weaker players is that you should fold your worst hands, call with your medium-strength hands and raise with your best hands. Then...

Poker Fold
Poker Life: Can Your Hand Beat a Value Bet?

Thu, Feb 9, 8:53am by Poker Guru

You often hear poker players say things like ‘I put you on ace king’, and isn’t it wonderful when you successfully call out your opponent’s hand...

Poker at Home
Poker Life: Playing a crazy home game

Thu, Feb 2, 4:54pm by Poker Guru

Last night I played in a home game, or it was actually at work against a group of colleagues. We played a lot lower than I am used but for the others it was serious...

Galfond throws down online poker challenge
Poker Life – Doug Polk is a Great Poker Youtuber

Thu, Jan 26, 9:31am by Poker Guru

I am in my 40’s and I thought I was a little too old to follow any youtubers but I just discovered Doug Polk, a poker youtuber who is absolutely fantastic. He has...

Poker Hand
Poker Life – Is there any right or wrong way to play Poker?

Fri, Jan 20, 9:34am by Poker Guru

Suppose you have King-Queen offsuit in middle position. The guy on your right makes a standard raise (for him) to 2.5 big blinds. What is the correct action here? If...

Poker Fold
Poker Life: Nothing heroic about the ‘hero fold’

Fri, Jan 13, 8:21am by Poker Guru

Folding a big hand is sometimes called a “hero fold”. Folding a top pair would not qualify and not pocket kings pre-flop either—it should be a hand that very...

Dan Negreanu
Poker Life: Who is the world’s best Poker player right now?

Fri, Jan 6, 10:04am by Poker Guru

Who is the best poker player in the world? Is it Phil Hellmuth with his 14 WSOP bracelets? Is it Antonio Esfandiari who won the biggest first prize ever at the WSOP...

Qui Nguyen and Gordon Vayo
A Christmas gift for the Poker player – A time machine

Thu, Dec 22, 2:08pm by Poker Guru

As a poker player, what do you want for Christmas? Flopping more sets? No more aces cracked? No more flush cards on the river? Personally I want a time machine. I...

Galfond throws down online poker challenge
Poker Life: Don’t use implied odds to justify bad calls

Fri, Dec 16, 10:35am by Poker Guru

In no limit hold’em many players use implied pot odds as an excuse for bad calls. “I am behind now and I am facing a big bet, but if I hit my 4-outer I will win...

Tom Dwan
Poker Life: The Big Game, where’s the money come from?

Thu, Dec 8, 9:19am by Poker Guru

I am sure you have read about the Big Game in Las Vegas where some of the best players in the world play for extremely high stakes. The Big Game is usually played in...

Poker Life: The Hand Is Not Over When the River Is Dealt

Thu, Dec 1, 4:00pm by Poker Guru

Some players underestimate how much money can be won or lost on the river. Just because no more cards will come does not mean that the hand is over and there is...

Poker Around the World
Poker Life: Poker around the world

Thu, Nov 24, 10:03am by Poker Guru

One thing I love about poker is that you can play all around the world. When I am on business trips, I love going to a local casino and play some poker. I have...

Daniel Negreanu
Poker Life: How wild should you play in a rebuy tournament?

Thu, Nov 17, 9:10am by Poker Guru

Some players use a very loose, maniac style, strategy in rebuy tournaments. Dan Negreanu has done it a few times, even in some re-entry tournaments. The basic idea...

Texas Holdém
Poker Life: A Simple Situation, Or Is It?

Thu, Nov 10, 4:05pm by Poker Guru

Suppose you are half-way through a big No Limit Hold’em tournament, and the blinds are now 4k/8k and the average stack is about 200k. You are one of two players...

Poker Life
Poker Life: Why I Love Short-Handed Play

Thu, Nov 3, 5:39pm by Poker Guru

Something I don’t like seeing at poker tables is players using their tablets or smartphones. Not that I am afraid that they are cheating or anything, I just think...

Poker Life: Everyone Should Try Sökö

Fri, Oct 28, 9:26am by Poker Guru

When I played in home games in the early 90s we used to play many different poker variants. We did not play much Texas Hold’em though because we thought it was...

Turning $5 into $1 million at the poker table
Poker Life: How to amass chips early in tournaments

Fri, Oct 21, 8:55am by Poker Guru

I am a successful tournament player. I play a style that has gone a bit out of fashion but it still works. Basically I rarely limp and I raise a lot more than I...

Antonio Esfandiari
Poker Life – Mix up your strategy with a real-world randomizer

Fri, Oct 14, 1:00pm by Poker Guru

In Dan Harrington’s excellent books on tournament strategy, he recommends using your watch as a ‘randomizer’ to mix up your game. Suppose your pre-flop...

Poker Chips
Poker Life: Learning from playing other card games

Fri, Oct 7, 8:28am by Poker Guru

There are many great poker variants and I must say that many of them are better than Texas Hold’em. I do not think No Limit Texas Hold’em deserves its nick name...

Tom Dwan
Poker Life: Position, position, position

Fri, Sep 30, 9:20am by Poker Guru

I remember when I started reading poker books and they always kept talking about the importance of position. How you should play tight in early position and loosen...

Juha Helppi
Poker Life: Angle Shooting: The Gap Concept

Thu, Sep 22, 5:42pm by Poker Guru

David Sklansky is a famous poker player and author. Nowadays he is probably more known for his books on poker but in the early 80s he actually won three WSOP...

Todd Brunson - WSOP
Poker Life – A ‘bad beat’ story

Wed, Sep 14, 9:19am by Poker Guru

I played in the Irish Open a few years ago and outside the venue they had a booth where you could pay 10 Euros to charity and someone would listen to your bad beat...

Poker Life – Stupid House Rules

Thu, Sep 8, 5:28pm by Poker Guru

I accept the fact that every cardroom has the right to have their own house rules, and I also accept the fact that cardrooms might have different rulesets. Still,...

Women in Poker
Poker Life – Women at the table

Thu, Sep 1, 8:35am by Poker Guru

I have heard many female poker players say that men often start flirting with them at the tables, and not only that, some men even start soft playing against them....

Poker Life: Gambling with other people’s money

Thu, Aug 25, 12:10pm by Poker Guru

Imagine someone would give you 1 million dollars to gamble at a casino. This is the deal: You would get to keep 50% of your winnings but would not have to pay back...

Poker Life: The ever changing face of Poker

Thu, Aug 18, 9:13am by Poker Guru

Maybe all sports are the same, and I do consider poker a sport, but I sometimes I wish I could travel back in time to, say, the 90’s and use my poker knowledge of...

Poker Life: The Art of Bluffing

Thu, Aug 4, 4:30pm by Poker Guru

One of the most misunderstood concepts in poker is the bluff, and movies and TV are probably to blame for it. It makes for such good TV when a player makes a big...

Poker Life: Quads and Snowmen

Thu, Jul 28, 10:05am by Poker Guru

I have two poker hands that I will never forget. One was a huge win against a group of friends in university and one was a bad beat at the WSOP Main Event back in...

Poker Life: Faster, Faster, Faster

Thu, Jul 21, 5:47pm by Poker Guru

Each week on, our PokerGuru reflects on life as a Poker player. This is his second blog for us. His first is here.  When I started...

Poker Life: Misreading the Board

Thu, Jul 14, 1:24pm by Poker Guru

Each week on, our PokerGuru reflects on life as a Poker player. This is his first blog for us. I played in a live tournament yesterday. It...