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Brisbane 10 to 1 On To Get Bullets Back In NBL

Fri, Mar 9, 5:59pm by Kevin Pitstock

One of Australia’s most iconic basketball teams, the Brisbane Bullets, look set to return should Brisbane be granted an NBL license, with online bookmaker offering short odds of $1.10 for the Brisbane team to reclaim their old name.

If they do go with a new name, the Brisbane Ballers is next in the market at $5.00 along with the Bats ($9.00), Bucks ($15) and Bulls ($51).

“There is so much tradition and history with the Bullets, we don’t think they would waste an opportunity to reengage their old fans. Why start from scratch when the Bullets are already a well known and loved brand?” said’s Shaun Anderson.

Should a new Victorian team also be created as speculated, the Mavericks is a short priced favourite at $1.95 while the Camouflage are next at $3.50.

It looks unlikely that they will revive the name of any former Melbourne teams such as the Titans ($21), Spectors ($41), Magic ($81) and Giants ($101).

Name of new proposed Brisbane NBL team

$1.10 Bullets
$5.00 Ballers
$9.00 Bats
$15 Bucks
$51 Bulls

Name of new proposed Victorian NBL team

$1.95 Mavericks
$3.50 Camouflage
$5.00 Vikings
$5.00 Raiders
$7.00 Knights
$15 Wizards
$21 Titans
$41 Spectors
$81 Magic
$101 Giants

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