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Finacial Markets

ACT gambling tax rakes in millions
Bookie predicts 2017 end to record low interest rates

Tue, Dec 6, 4:44pm by Senior Writer

Record low interest rates may be set to continue into 2017, but one online bookmaker believes the run will end, pricing two rises in the cash rate in 2017 as a $2.90...

Even The Betting Suggests Banks Will Renig On Rate Cuts

Mon, Feb 6, 1:17pm by Kevin Pitstock

Punters and bookmakers alike think an RBA interest rate cut is a sure thing tomorrow, with online bookmaker installing a cut between 0.01 and 0.25...

NAB To Act First In Interest Rate Cut Standoff

Wed, Feb 1, 9:38am by Kevin Pitstock

While an RBA interest rate cut looks a safe bet next week, the real question is which of the big four banks will be the first to pass on the rate cut, with online...

Mortgage Holders To Receive Early Christamas Present From RBA

Mon, Dec 5, 12:48pm by Kevin Pitstock

Punters with leading online bookmaker believe there’s a good chance mortgage holders will receive some welcome relief in the form of an interest...

Massive Swing In Betting On Interest Rates

Wed, Aug 10, 3:07pm by Kevin Pitstock

When betting opened immediately after last week’s RBA announcement, the odds with online bookmaker on an interest rate decrease in September were...