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Election Betting Update and Suggested Bets

Mon, Sep 2, 9:04pm by Rob Sheeley

Election BettingIf bookmaker actions are anything to go by, the election result is all but a fait accompli despite it being just under a week away. One bookmaker,, has even taken the unusual action of already paying out on existing bets.

The Coalition are now almost unbackable at the prohibitive odds of $1.02, but given that it is appearing to be a “good thing” it is hard to expect any different. If you’re still a believer in the Labor Party being able to win, they are a whopping $12.50.

The betting and opinion polls would also indicate that there is little chance of there being another hung parliament this time around. If you want to bet on that you can get $1.04 for it not being a hung parliament with

What Has Happened This Week?

Tony Abbott is well ahead in every poll and seems intent on keeping it that way by saying only what he needs to. Abbott is remaining very non committal in many things, like dates for a budget surplus and costing for various promises like his big push for his paid parental leave model, it appears to be his way of playing it safe.

Abbott may well be haunted by the ghosts of Doctor John Hewson who lost the “un-lose-able” election in 1993 with the famous birthday cake interview at a similar stage of the campaign.

For Kevin Rudd it is a matter of flagging as many things as possible to garner much needed votes as he can. He has unveiled many plans in the last week such as a fast train connecting eastern Australia and a tighter regulation of foreign land investment. But Rudd’s main drive seems to be in attacking Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme citing it as robbing the poor to pay the rich.

No doubt we will see some more last ditch attempts at vote grabbing from the Prime Minister this week as he tries desperately to remain in government. It seems he has an uphill battle on his hands.

Can We Still Make Money On This Election?

With such little value in the main market, as punters, it would appear that the individual state electorates still look the best way to make some profit.

Here is a recap of a few of the state electorate bets that I would recommend;

New South Wales

Banks – Coalition – $1.20
Fowler – Labor – $1.14
Newcastle – Labor $1.20
Gilmore – Coalition – $1.10


Melbourne Ports – Labor – $1.08
Ballarat – Labor – $1.10
Indi – Coalition – $1.25
Mallee – National – $1.72


Griffith – Labor – $1.38
Rankin – Labor – $1.25
Longman – Coalition – $1.20
Forde – Coalition – $1.18

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