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Mayweather challenges McGregor to put money where his mouth is

Fri, Jul 14, 3:08pm by Staff Writer

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are three days into their press tour, with appearances in Los Angeles, Toronto and New York behind them, but it was at the Toronto stop on Thursday (AEST), that the American asked the Irishman to bet his purse on the outcome of the upcoming fight.

The remark was one of many verbal barbs, as the pair continued to hype the August 27 (AEST) fight in Las Vegas. A remark that McGregor quickly responded to by saying “send the contracts over”.

After his microphone was cut off on day one of the tour in Los Angeles, the Notorious One came out swinging, abusing the Mayweather family, and then Showtime Sports executive Stephen Espinoza, who, according to McGregor, was at fault for the microphone malfunction.

Things really heated up when Mayweather brought out a backpack, and bragged about the $100 million cheque he received for fighting Manny Pacquiao two years ago, to which McGregor yelled “What are you doing with a school bag on stage? You can’t even (expletive) read”.

It was at this point that Mayweather dared McGregor to put his fight purse on the line, which Mayweather would win if he defeats the Dubliner in August.

“If you believe in yourself like you say you believe in yourself, bet your whole fight check, you (expletive),” exclaimed Mayweather.

Considering that McGregor is set to make at least $75 million, which is five times more than he’s ever made from a UFC event, the bet would be a substantial one. Mayweather is expected to make $100 million, but that could increase to four times that amount, if the event hits all its monetary metrics.

Speaking of betting, if you’d like to make some money on the event, then the odds for Mayweather to win are $1.20. Despite Sportsbet announcing last month that they had taken 10 times more money on McGregor, he’s out at $4.75.

The New York stop on the press tour took place on Friday (AEST), when fans were forced to wait over two hours to see the men appear on stage for the third time in as many days.

While there was no more mention of the bet, once again there was plenty of money talk, and Mayweather brought more currency onto the stage, but this time in cash form, which he used to shower McGregor with, calling him a stripper.

Mayweather may be heavily favoured to win the fight, but McGregor has been the clear winner on the trash talking front. I’m not sure what they’ve got left to discuss, but the rivals now fly to London for another appearance, which will take place at Wembley Arena, when the crowd will no doubt be in McGregor’s corner again.

Sportsbet Markets

Head to Head

Floyd Mayweather Jr $1.20

Conor McGregor $4.75

*Dead heat rules apply if draw

Method of Victory

KO/TKO option includes disqualification (DSQ) and retirement (RTD).

Mayweather Jr Points or Decision $3.30

Draw $51.00

McGregor Points or Decision $26.00

Mayweather Jr KO/TKO $1.67

McGregor KO/TKO $5.50

Round Betting

Mayweather Jr Round 1 $21.00

McGregor Round 1 $26.00

Mayweather Jr Round 2 $19.00

McGregor Round 2 $26.00

Mayweather Jr Round 3 $17.00

McGregor Round 3 $26.00

Mayweather Jr Round 4 $13.00

McGregor Round 4 $26.00

Mayweather Jr Round 5 $13.00

McGregor Round 5 $34.00

Mayweather Jr Round 6 $11.00

McGregor Round 6 $34.00

Mayweather Jr Round 7 $11.00

McGregor Round 7 $41.00

Mayweather Jr Round 8 $11.00

McGregor Round 8 $41.00

Mayweather Jr Round 9 $13.00

McGregor Round 9 $51.00

Mayweather Jr Round 10 $17.00

McGregor Round 10 $51.00

Mayweather Jr Round 11 $17.00

McGregor Round 11 $67.00

Mayweather Jr Round 12 $21.00

McGregor Round 12 $67.00

*if the contest goes to the scorecards then all round bets will be deemed losers

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