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MMA Moves Towards Regulation in US

Fri, Jun 5, 10:14pm by Kevin Pitstock

Mixed Martial Arts in America has moved a step closer to regulation after a vote was won 14-6 in the first round of negotiations. The same State committee voted against the move just 12 months ago.

If this move is approved it will see the sport of MMA regulated by the State’s Athletic Commission in New York.

The chief opponent of the move is Bob Reilly of Albany County and even he said it will be hard to stop the regulation of MMA in America.

This is what he had to say on the matter: “I will fight this on the floor. I’m not very optimistic,” he said. “What I believe is that violence begets violence, and that we, as a legislature, have to stop what is forming a culture of violence. We have girls arrested for fighting in Albany High School. We had 20 boys who formed an ultimate fighting club,” Reilly said. “If we say this is acceptable in our society, that’s a message which I think we do not want to give.”

Outside of extreme opposition like Reilly, the move towards regulation is generally seen a great thing by most people. If it is regulated it allows for greater transparency and control of the sport.

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