Lucky Dragon, the newest Las Vegas resort set to open early

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The mecca of North American gambling, Las Vegas, will get a chance to see the 1¼-ton glass dragon sculpture at the Lucky Dragon hotel-casino a little earlier than expected.

As covered by on October the 30th, the Lucky Dragon is set to Target Chinese Middle Class and they will get the chance to so from 8pm next Saturday (American Pacific Time).

A Dec. 3 grand opening with several celebratory events is still planned but the company announced on Friday that the 200-room Asian themed property would open next weekend, two weeks before the scheduled grand opening date.

The hotel-casino is on the north side of Sahara Avenue and just under a kilometre west of Las Vegas Boulevard. It is the first resort built from the ground up in Las Vegas since The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was completed in 2010.

As the Chinese government sends a clear and loud message to the gaming industry about the prohibition of marketing activities in China, the Lucky Dragon has made no mistake about who their target market is.

Lucky Dragon’s 27,500-square-foot casino will have room for 37 table games and 300 slot machines, which will be open for business for the opening night.

Also, opening their doors for the first time will be the five Chinese restaurants and a luxury tea garden.  Several of the restaurants will be on the atrium level that overlooks the casino floor and into the middle of the massive centrepiece dragon created to give players good luck.

“This one-of-a-kind centrepiece of the resort will welcome guests from around the world to our gaming floor and provide good fortune and warm hospitality to all Lucky Dragon’s guests,” Chief Operating Officer Dave Jacoby said in a release.

According to Lucky Dragon officials, most of their business to come from local Asian players and domestic Chinese customers from the West Coast.

Lucky Dragon owner Andrew Fonfa expects most hotel guests will come from California, although the property won’t turn away foreign guests who want to try something different when they arrive in Las Vegas.

Hainan Airlines will begin flying nonstop from Beijing to Las Vegas beginning one day before the grand opening celebration.

The lucky glass dragon is the centrepiece that dominates the casino was designed and constructed by Preciosa Lighting in the Czech Republic’s famed Crystal Valley region.

It took nearly 800 employees almost 12 weeks to create the sculpture then once it was completed, it took 13 days to assemble once it arrived after a 11,000-kilometre journey.

The dragon is 15 feet long, and its overall height is 4.5 metres with 762 individual customised glass scales.

No visitor will be staying on the fourth floor as the building skips that number as it’s considered unlucky by the Chinese.

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