Poker3 from BetSoft Gaming – 3D Heads Up Texas Hold’em

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Poker3 BetSoft

Poker3 from BetSoft Gaming is one of the most enjoyable online poker games, without actually playing against other live players – it’s just you vs the computer. Cards are dealt using pseudorandom number generator technology, and the computer-opponent is governed by advanced artificial intelligence – taking action according to the cards it is dealt, to the community cards displayed and to the player’s actions.

We shot a short clip of the game (and added in Elvis Presley’s classic ‘Viva Las Vegas’ tune) to give you a feel for the cinematic true 3D graphics.

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Poker3 features a user experience and interface that is extremely intuitive and very easy to use, so even those new to the game of Texas Hold’em will be able to pick up the rules in no time. The game is powered by Adobe Flash and requires no downloads – it is played directly via our Web browsers and is compatible with PCs, Macs and many other operating systems.

How to play:

We begin by selecting our opponent and the stake we wish to bet (betting amounts range from $0.20 to $500 – suited for both low-stakes players and high rollers). Hit deal and our player will automatically place our anti (the chosen stake) in the pot, as will our opponent.

Two cards are dealt to each player, we take a look at ours and choose to either call to see the flop (costs our original stake), or fold. Our opponent then has the same option.

If both players call, the flop is shown. We are to call first each round of betting, and if we wish to continue in the hand, we put forward another bet of our original wager. Our opponent will either call or fold. The turn card is shown, and we go again – however this time, the bet required to continue to the river card is doubled from our initial wager.

If both players call, the river is shown and a final round of betting takes place (at the same value as the amount required to see the river).

If at any point during the hand our opponent folds, we take down the entire pot. If at any time we wish to fold, we lose what we have wagered up until that point.

If the hand makes it all the way to the final round of betting where both players have called, cards are revealed and the winner (according to traditional Texas Hold’em card rankings) takes down the pot.

AustralianGambling’s Poker3 Verdict

The game is simple and is played at the speed you wish to set. We can play 10 hands in the amount of time it takes to play one hand in a ring game with more than one opponent. It is a one of a kind interactive experience with visually stunning graphics and presentation.

We rate it 4/5 – one drawback is we can’t raise; this does take away a key element of traditional Texas Hold’em poker.

This game is suited for those seeking a challenge with skill-based gameplay, rather than simple luck. Think you can outsmart the computer, decipher what actions it will take and what actions you’ll need to take in order to maximise your profits? Try Poker3 at

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