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Symonds Drinks Away His Career?

Fri, Jun 5, 3:44am by Kevin Pitstock

Andrew Symonds may have played his last game for Australia after being sent home for yet another alcohol related offense. On Wednesday night during preparations for the Twenty Twenty World Cup he was caught breaking a number of team rules which included drinking restrictions.

From what understand of the situation, the actual offense isn’t all that bad. It is just the fact that Symonds had made a promise to his team mates and Cricket Australia to stop his drinking ways.

The alcohol related offense wasn’t the only one though as we understand that he has also broken a number of other minor rules.

James Sutherland who is the Chief Executive of Cricket Australia said “It is with regret that I advise you tonight that Cricket Australia has stood down Andrew Symonds from the Australian team that is currently in England for the World Twenty20 Championships and he will be coming home this evening.”

“The decision has been made after Andrew has in the last 24 or 48 hours broken a number of team rules.”

In isolation those breaches are not significant, but in the context of commitments that Andrew has made to his team-mates and Cricket Australia over the last six to 12 months they are the final straw.”

“It was alcohol related, but there were other issues relating to team rules that have been breached too.”

“I don’t want to go into the specific details. There are rules within the team that they know and understand and there are commitments that Andrew has made to his team-mates.”

“He was a player that Cricket Australia wanted to contract for the 2009-10 season, but I can also advise you that tonight we have also advised him that we would take that offer off the table and reconsider our position on that in the coming days.”

“We’ll go through the appropriate course of action with the ICC. One would hope the ICC would look favourably on our application.”

So while Cricket Australia could be caught in a tough spot with the loss of Australian cricket stars Andrew Symonds, it is the player himself that will have a harder time coming to grips with the situation.

Is this really the end of Andrew Symonds?

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