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Ashes Series 2009 Betting

Tue, Jul 7, 3:56pm by Kevin Pitstock

Ausralian Gambling has done its research and we are happy to go on the record saying that Australia will win the 5 test series. There has been a lot of talk in the build up to what should be a hotly contested series. There definitely is a feeling of uncertainty surrounding both camps as they look towards the first test.

Both teams will be looking to make a safe and solid start to the series but it will be the Aussies that will gain the ascendancy. The Australian bookmakers like Sportsbet have us paying about $1.85. England are at $2.85 with a drawn series at $5.50.

There are sure to be at least some delays due to the ever present rain in England but over the 5 matches Australia’s class will shine through. After Australia dominates and wins the first match of the 2009 Ashes series you will see that $1.85 price firm right in. It may seem a little short now but after the first game you will be begging for those kind of odds.

I’m telling you here and now. Australia will win the 1st game of the 2009 Ashes and the go on to win the series. Get on them now at $1.85 because that’s the best you will get all series.

Sportsbet have full betting options and coverage of the 2009 Ashes cricket series. For an Australian Gambling exclusive bonus visit the official Sportsbet website for more details.

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