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The Ashes Game 1 Betting – Day 2

Thu, Jul 9, 1:49pm by Kevin Pitstock

Day 1 of the first Ashes test finished evenly poised after Australia grabbed two late wickets. The poms finished at 7/337 at the close of play. If it wasn’t for Siddle bowling both Prior and Flintoff in the last few overs of play, we could safely say that England are on top.

That is not the case however, and with early wickets on Day 2 Australia will be happy where they stand. The bookies don’t agree entirely though, with England shortening in from before the game started.

If you want to bet on the result of the match you can get attractive odds on Sportsbet if you fancy Australia. They are paying $3.25. A little surprisingly, England have shortened in to $2.70. I don’t think they will win this game, if anything they might be able to sneak in for a draw. Sportsbet are actually offering the shortest odds of $2.55 for a draw.

It seems as though both the bookies and punters are still unsure of what way to bet in the first game of the Ashes series. The Aussies are backing the Australian team, the poms are backing England and the bookies have the draw as favourite. The teams are still feeling each other out, and hopefully we will have a better understanding of which way the game will go after developments arise tonight.

Those odds of $3.25 for Australia certainly do look attractive though. Get on. Bet at Sportsbet now and get a free $50 bet.

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