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Progressive Jackpots Questions and Answers

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is any real money jackpot which grows the more players play the game. This means every time a player tries to play and fails to win the jackpot, the jackpot becomes larger. The top dollar prize continues to grow until a lucky player wins the entire jackpot pool — and becomes the envy of all of their fellow players.

Most progressive jackpot games are pokies, but some table games, like Triple Sevens Blackjack from Microgaming, also offer opportunities to win a life-changing pile of cash.

How Do You Win?

Mega Moolah Is Just One Example of a Progressive JackpotThe exact method for winning a progressive jackpot will vary by the game. The most important thing to remember is you have to play to win, and you can only win a progressive jackpot if you play for real money.

In many pokie games, you’ll only be eligible to win if you bet the maximum number of coins allowed on the machine. This is often the case in games which have three reels and only a small number of coins at maximum, but it can also be true for more complex machines as well. In other slots games, such as the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot pokie, you can win the progressive jackpot no matter how many coins you wager, but your odds of winning are directly tied to how much you have bet.

The manner in which the progressive jackpots are awarded can also vary from pokie to pokie. In some games, you’ll simply need to make a certain combination of symbols on the right payline in order to win the big prize. In other games, you’ll need to enter a bonus round and succeed there to trigger the jackpot. Some of these bonus games require you to hit a bonus symbol (or symbols), while others (like the Mega Moolah jackpot game) are triggered randomly and can occur at any time.

While less popular, winning progressive jackpots in other games such as progressive blackjack, poker and roulette is as straightforward as the slots. Progressive blackjack games do not usually differ too much from the traditional game of 21; the only change a progressive game makes is an additional bet alongside the usual hand which gives the chance to win a progressive jackpot. Typically, this wager wins if the player holds a specific card combination, or if the right cards are dealt consecutively, and the payout can range from several dollars to 100% of the entire progressive pot — it all depends on the Web-casino you choose to play.

How Are Progressive Games Funded?

Progressive jackpots are funded from the players themselves, though casino sites often chip in a starting amount of seed money to entice players to try their luck early on. Each time a player plays a coin in the pokies machine or bets another dollar on a progressive table game, a small percentage of that bet is placed into the progressive jackpot pool.

At Web casinos, these jackpots can grow large thanks to networks of sites that use the same casino software. For instance, while you may be playing a pokie at Royal Vegas Casino, players at other sites that also use Microgaming software can play the same machine that will feed into the same progressive jackpot. This is why progressive jackpots on online pokies can grow tremendously large, sometimes offering prizes that rise into the millions of dollars.

How Likely Am I To Win a Jackpot?

There are two different answers to this question, depending on exactly what you’re trying to ask. Some pokies offer jackpot games which offer multiple jackpots – for instance, along with the main jackpot, there may be “major” and “minor” top prizes that are of smaller amounts. These smaller jackpots are designed to be hit more often for smaller amounts, so yes: you are much more likely to win those smaller jackpots. You’re also more likely to win a jackpot designed to usually pay out a few thousand dollars rather than one meant to award millions once every few months.

But when most people ask this question, what they’re actually wondering about is how their odds of winning a progressive jackpot change as the size of the jackpot increases. Some players believe as the prize pool grows longer without being hit, it becomes “due” for a win, meaning you’re likely to win soon. Others believe that as jackpots grow larger, they become even harder to hit, which explains why the largest jackpot wins are so rare.

In reality, your odds of winning never change. You’re as likely to win a jackpot the spin after it was hit last time as you are when it is at an all-time record amount. The pokies you play do not take into account the size of a jackpot when they award it; they simply have a set (very small) chance of awarding the jackpot on every spin. So when you see an especially large jackpot, you’re just as likely to win then as you would be the day after it was hit.

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