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Massive Swing In Betting On Interest Rates

Wed, Aug 10, 3:07pm by Kevin Pitstock

When betting opened immediately after last week’s RBA announcement, the odds with online bookmaker on an interest rate decrease in September were $11.

This has now been slashed into just $1.80, while the price for rates to remain unchanged in September has ballooned from $1.08 out to $1.72.

In betting on the next move in interest rates – irrespective of when the next move occurs – a cut in rates is the hot $1.36 favourite, ahead of a rise at $2.90.

“The shift in betting on September’s RBA interest rate announcement is astonishing and almost every bet we’ve taken in the past 48 hours has been for a cut in rates,”’s Haydn Lane said.

September RBA Interest Rates Announcement Betting Market @ Sportsbet

  • $1.72 Rates to stay the same (out from $1.08)
  • $1.80 Any decrease (in from $11)
  • $21 Rise between 1 and 25 basis points (out from $6)
  • $81 Rise between 26 and 50 basis points (out from $26)
  • $151 Rise 51 basis points or more (out from $81)
    Next Interest Rates Move

  • $1.36 Cut
  • $2.90 Rise

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