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EPL Betting 2010 – 11-12th September

Thu, Sep 9, 8:32pm by Kevin Pitstock

After a weekend off for International friendlies and Euro2012 qualifying, the EPL is back on the cards this weekend. Teams will be looking to get a roll on now that the early rounds are out of the way.

Chelsea site on the top of the table with three wins from three. They have been far more impressive than Manchester United and Arsenal who have both dropped points already. These three teams shouldn’t have any trouble recording this weekend, while Liverpool and Manchester City will do it a little tougher.

This week Sportingbet are the ones providing us with the latest EPL odds. The links on the odds go directly to the Sportingbet where you can find out what the latest odds are. The odds displayed were correct at the time of writing.

Everton vs Manchester United Betting Preview

Everton haven’t been playing well at all in their first few matches. They only have one point this season and it won’t get any easier as they play host to the Red Devils.

It’ll be an interesting prospect for Ferguson’s side who have had several players on international duty mid-week. They’ll need to put in a good performance here because Everton are more than capable of coming up with an upset. Australia’s own Tim Cahill will provide the potent threat that’s needed to put Man Utd in Danger.
Everton vs Manchester United Odds

Everton: $4.00
Draw: $3.25
Manchester United: $1.83
Tips and Prediction

This should be a great contest between these two teams. I don’t think Everton have invested enough during the Summer and might find themselves struggling in comparison to seasons past.

United can’t afford to drop any points here, and I think they’ll do just enough to get the win.

Prediction: Manchester United win.

Arsenal vs Bolton Betting Preview

These two teams couldn’t be any more contrasting in styles. Arsenal turn on the entertainment every week, while Bolton are hard to watch and just plain ugly.

The Wanderers have been going alright so far, picking up five points in their first few matches. I predicted they would be good relegation candidates, but I’ve since changed my opinion on that. They’ll make it through another season, simply because there are worse teams out there. Owen Coyle has been doing a decent job with them since he took over.

I’m still not totally convinced with Arsenal’s chances of winning the 2010/11 EPL title. Just like I wrote off Liverpool and Man City’s chances, I’m close to doing the same with Arsenal. I can’t see them being serious challengers to Chelsea and Man Utd. They have started the season well though and are equal on points with Man Utd and two behind league leaders Chelsea.
Arsenal vs Bolton Odds

Arsenal: $1.22
Draw: $5.20
Bolton: $11.00
Tips and Prediction

Arsenal will be far too strong for Bolton at home. They have too much firepower and will do enough to slot away at least a couple of goals.

Bolton are good are shutting down teams, but away to Arsenal will prove to be too difficult of an assignment.

Prediction: Arsenal win.

Fulham vs Wolverhampton Betting Preview

Since Mark Hughes took over at Fulham he’s done a pretty good job. Following in Roy Hodgson’s footsteps would be hard, considering how well he did there. Nevertheless, Fulham have started well and will be a difficult proposition at home this season.

Wolverhampton are still much of an unknown quantity. They have enough quality in the side to avoid relegation, but their performances are too erratic for me to ever bet on them with confidence.
Fulham vs Wolverhampton Odds

Fulham: $1.75
Draw: $3.25
Wolverhampton: $4.50
Tips and Predictions

I was initially thinking about predicting a draw here, but after doing more research I think Fulham will be good enough to win at home. It wouldn’t surprise me if the result went the other way, so I won’t personally be betting on this match.

Overall though, I think Fulham have a better chance of winning this match.

Prediction: Fulham win.

Manchester City vs Blackburn Rovers Betting Preview

These are the sort of matches that Man City will need to win all season long if they are to consider themselves premiership contenders. Blackburn are a solid team, but have nowhere near the amount of quality and depth that the City side has.

There has been a bit of hype around the City team recently, with former players claiming the club has no soul, and won’t ever win a title until they have a solid core group and spirit. I tend to agree with this, and I don’t think that the money spent so far will pay off this season.
Manchester City vs Blackburn Rovers Odds

Manchester City: $1.30
Draw: $4.50
Blackburn Rovers: $9.00
Tips and Predictions

I can’t see the Rovers doing enough here to cause an upset or get a point. City are at home and will be looking to put in a big performance to start making their presence felt in the EPL 2010/2011 season.

Prediction: Manchester City win.

Newcastle vs Blackpool Betting Preview

This is an intriguing match up, and one I’m eagerly awaiting to see the outcome. You might be wondering why the hell someone would take interest in these sides, but they have both been putting in good performances of late.

Newcastle started the season by getting thrashed 6-0, then won 6-0 the week later, followed by a draw. Blackpool won against Wigan 4-0 in their first match, before coming back to reality not long after. They site on four points with Newcastle.
Newcastle vs Blackpool Odds

Newcastle: $1.57
Draw: $3.50
Blackpool: $5.50
Tips and Predictions

Newcastle have bounced back well after being thrashed 6-0 to welcome their return to the EPL. They are in front of their vocal home fans and they’ll put in another good performance in this match.

Prediction: Newcastle win.

WBA vs Tottenham Betting Preview

West Brom are at home to a Tottenham team that have started strongly so far. WBA will need to lift to try and shut out all the attacking options that the Hotspurs have.

The question is whether they can do enough to weather the inevitable storm that is coming?
WBA vs Tottenham Odds

WBA: $3.60
Draw: $3.25
Tottenham: $1.95
Tips and Predictions

This is the type of match that I think the Spurs will dominate. This match has danger written all over it for the Baggies. Tottenham can create plenty of chances and have no problem with finishing.

Prediction: Tottenham win.

West Ham vs Chelsea Betting Preview

The Hammers are languishing at the bottom of the table and look like they have another relegation battle on their hands. They haven’t yet got a single point, and still won’t after they play this weekend.

Chelsea couldn’t have had a better start to the season. 3/3 with two big 6-0 wins has them on course early in the season. They shouldn’t have much trouble in this match at all, even though Lampard and Terry are both struggling for fitness.
West Ham vs Chelsea Odds

West Ham: $9.00
Draw: $4.50
Chelsea: $1.30
Tips and Prediction

West Ham will have an almighty struggle on their hands here. Chelsea will be looking to return to the form they had before the international break last weekend. The Hammers are in real danger of being embarrassed in front of the own fans.

Prediction: Chelsea win.

Birmingham City vs Liverpool

The pressure is starting to mount on Liverpool as they continue to perform well below par. They are a striker short and their team wasn’t bolstered enough in the off-season. Having a goal of making the Europa League again is a sure sign they are in trouble. They urgently need the club to be sold before they can return to the club of old that the fans are yearning for.

Birmingham are a difficult side to play against, and for a lower team they play attractive football. I expect them do give Liverpool a lot of difficulties in this match.
Birmingham vs Liverpool Odds

Birmingham: $3.20
Draw: $3.20
Liverpool: $2.10
Tips and Prediction

I just don’t think Liverpool has what it takes to win matches such as this. Birmingham are a decent team, and at home I think they can do enough to get a point against a lacklustre Liverpool.

Prediction: Draw.

Stoke vs Aston Villa

Stoke won a lot of matches at home last season, and a Rory Delap throw was a common attacking weapon. It remains to be seen if they can replicate that form in their second consecutive season in the top flight. So far, with zero points it doesn’t look likely.

Aston Villa looked like they were in for a troublesome season with all the off field drama pre-season. That could still eventuate, but from their first three matches they have six points. They’ll be buoyed by the fact they have a new coach in Gerrard Houllier, with the players looking to impress their new manager.
Stoke vs Aston Villa Odds

Stoke: $2.35
Draw: $3.20
Aston Villa: $2.75
Tips and Prediction

At first glance I though Stoke would have the better of this match. Upon more research though, I think Villa will be up for this match.

Teams with new coaches tend to play out of their skins, and I think that’ll happen in this match. Stoke don’t look so great this season, and might well have a relegation battle on their hands.

Prediction: Aston Villa win.

Best EPL Bets of the Weekend

If you like to get on the short, certain things, then you can’t go past Chelsea at $1.30. Manchester United are paying the best odds out of the top teams, who are $1.83 to beat Everton.

My best bet for the weekend is Tottenham @ $1.95 away to WBA. They’ll blow them off the park with their attacking weapons.

Good luck with your EPL punting this week, it looks like a round with good value, but surrounded with uncertainty after the international break.

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