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$150,000 the Top Prize among 2013 SA Lotteries Keno Winners

Thu, May 16, 11:31am by Kevin Pitstock

Free Keno Games Still Look Something Like ThisTen different Australian punters have won prizes of $50,000 or more playing the SA Lotteries Keno game in 2013. The latest $50,000 jackpot winner was on April 20th of this year. With big amounts won every 12 to 13 days on average, it’s about time for another major winner to hit.

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The game is played dozens of times daily, with winning combinations each drawing. Despite the publicity given to these drawings, a few winning tickets remained unclaimed from late last year. This article details the winners and those unclaimed tickets, while discussing the latest prize amounts against the other major keno lotto games in Australia.

The current jackpot for the SA Lotteries keno game is $1,471,943. This is the same game which in the Australian Capital Territory is sold as “ACTTAB Keno”. Drawings are held every 3.5 minutes, with wagering closed forty seconds before the drawings.

SA Lotteries Recent Winners List

The latest big win was on April 20, 2013 in Adelaide. The keno winner received a $50,000 prize on a ticket bought at the Rundle Mall Plaza Newsagency. A similar $50,000 prize was won by a punter in Walkley Heights on April 1, 2013, after they bought a ticket at the Walkley Heights Newsagency. A $50,000 winning ticket was bought by a resident of Adelaide on March 2, 2013. They purchased their ticket at Rundle Mall Plaza Newsagency.

February was the best month for keno punters. A $50,000 ticket was sold for the February 2 drawing at the Hendon Hotel in Royal Park, while another ticket for fifty thousand was sold just two days before at the North Haven Pharmacy in North Haven. Two other $50,000 keno winning tickets were sold back in February 2013: the Weikerie Hotel Motel on February 1 and the Myer Centre Newsager in Adelaide on the same day. The Nurioopta Newsagency also sold a $50,000 keno winner on January 22.

The largest keno win so far in 2013 was the $150,000 winner sold at the Goolwa Newsagency in Goolwa on February 6, 2013.

Unclaimed Prizes

The SA Lotteries Keno game still has a couple of unclaimed prizes from late last year. The first unclaimed prize was worth $10,000. The unclaimed prize hit during a September 17, 2012 drawing on a ticket bought at Elizabeth Tavern in Elizabeth, South Australia. The second prize yet to be claimed was on an $8,000 ticket for a December 10, 2012 drawing. This ticket was purchased at MJ’s Snack Bar Deli in Mansfield Park.

Lucky Keno by Intralot

Lucky Keno is a game played in Victoria and Tasmania, with a daily drawing at 8pm Melbourne time. Players can make a wager on 3 to 10 spotted numbers, along with another game for hi-lo bets. If 13 or more balls fall into one category, punters who bet that option win a prize. Low balls are considered 1-35. High balls are considered 36 through 70.

Lucky Keno offers $2 million in winnings every day. The winning prize is $2,000,000. To learn more, punters can call the number 1900 995 825 or 1-900-99-LUCK. Calls cost 82.5 cents per minute. To learn if you won, SMS the phrase “LUCKYKENO” to 1999-8444.

NT Keno by SKYCITY Darwin

NT Kenos is a lottery game with tickets sold in the Northern Territory. Like the SA Lotteries game, a new drawing is held every 3 to 3 and 1/2 minutes. Prizes are offered for every level between 7 spots and 10 spots. A few NT Keno tickets offer a Spot 6 jackpot, too. The same organization offers a Keno Racing game, which allows gamblers to bet on their line of 10 numbers to win or place. Punters are also given the option to bet a trifecta.

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