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Adelaide Woman Wins $1.7 Million on SA Lotteries Spot 10 Keno Game

Tue, Aug 6, 4:19am by Kevin Pitstock

The Difference Between Lotteries and ScratchiesAn Adelaide woman won AUD $1,700,000 after buying a Spot 10 Keno ticket from SA Lotteries on August 5th. The anonymous new millionaire is said to be from the Western suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. The Spot 10 Easi-Pick ticket was purchased at Edinburgh Hotel and Cellars, 1-7 High Street in the suburb of Mitcham.

When asked her reaction to the big win, she said, “I screamed! I put the ticket in my bag and carried my bag on my lap in the car the whole way to the SA Lotteries office.”

New House Purchase with Lotto Winnings

The winner said her first purchase with her newfound money will be to buy her own home. “This is so overwhelming. I’ve rented all my life, so I’ll be able to buy a house.”

Going on to say she was happy just to have her health, the woman explained how people in her social circle are going to receive assistance from her windfall. “I also want to take Mum and Dad on a holiday. I want to help a lot of people with this win!”

Work Syndicate Wins Saturday X Lotto Division 1 Jackpot

The winner from West Adelaide hasn’t been the only local lottery winner in the past week. A work syndicate comprised of six people split worth $1,053,896.56 after a win on the Saturday X Lotto draw. Each member of the syndicate will collect $175,649.42 for their share of the winning ticket.

The players purchased the winning Easi-Pick ticket at Hollywood Plaza Newsagency at 14/15 Hollywood Plaza on Winzor Street in Salisbury Downs. It would seem the Easi-Pick tickets have been the lucky method of selecting lotto numbers in South Australia lately.

The syndicate was only one of four winning Saturday X Lotto Division 1 tickets sold throughout Australia. The total division one prize pool sat at over $4 million, so each ticket received a share of the prize worth $1,053,896.56. It is thought the other three winners were not part of syndicates, so the other three winners are likely to have won over a million dollars apiece.

What Is a Lottery Syndicate?

A “lottery syndicate” is a group of players who agree to pool their purchasing resources in order to play more lottery games. These punters agree to put their money in a common fund to purchase more tickets, allowing them to cover more spots in a lottery draw. If any of the tickets wins, then all members of the syndicate share the winnings equally.

Various lottery games across Australia allow syndicate play. Among the Australian lottery games which allow syndicates are Saturday Lotto, OZ Lotto, Monday and Wednesday Lotto, Soccer Pools, and Powerball. This method of gambling is seen as a way to increase your odds of winning, but lowering the overall prize money if you happen to win.

In other words, the effect of playing with a syndicate is that makes lottery punting like you’re gambling on a smaller lottery prize, which usually has better chances of winning that prize. When you want to play as a syndicate, ask the vendor which syndicate shares they have available. You’ll receive a share ticket after you pay. In most states, you can pick up your part of the prize at any lottery vendor.

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