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AG’s Week on the Punt – The EiG Berlin Not So Serious Edition

Fri, Oct 24, 1:51pm by Brad McGrath

AG's week on the punt

THE night of nights at Excellence in iGaming Berlin separated the men from the boys.

After two days of action at Arena Berlin everyone was keen to impress on the dance floor at Pearl nightclub, which our hazy memories believe was somewhere out in the West of this beautiful city.

One of the Australian crew was injured when the stampede of CEOs from the various start-ups and other companies charged towards the bar in the minutes before the stroke of midnight, the time when the free drinks finished, put on by the interesting folk at Playtech.

Despite the heady talk of fat wallets and BMWs parked in various palatial mansions around the world, several were seen running into the night when the bar tenders requested cold hard Euros for their Bacardi Breezers.

We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, the ATM machine was a good walk from the venue, and after a few big days flogging their products their legs might have been sore.

We took a lot from EiG Berlin, including learning about several new innovations that are set to take the iGaming industry by storm.

We had the opportunity to talk to many people during the two days we attended the event (we missed day three with the flu, yep, all of us) including respected boss of Daglow Industries, Don Daglow, the crew from BetConstruct and several of the smaller companies attempting to gain a foothold in this competitive market.

This edition of AG’s Week on the Punt is almost entirely dedicated to EiG Berlin but rest assured the team, which is back in Australia, has got the sporting and casino news covered in our absence.

Dress length in parity with House Edge

EiG Berlin

We found these two wandering around.

AUSTRALIAN Gambling has several staff members who think they know a thing or two about odds matrices.

And the number of new products, which included Bet Trade’s No House Casino, Lotto Tech and BetConstruct, who have been around a while, and many others all had a simple way to separate their products from each other.

After much analysis the Aussie crew worked out how to determine the house edge of these new products –the length of the promo girls skirts.

While the male contingent of AG was stoked with the length of dresses at BetConstruct, we think they might be playing us if our form on their live dealer table was anything to go by.

I managed to hit on 20 three times and lose 12 hands in a row while I worked out how to ask for her phone number.

Moneymaker has man boobs?

Chris Moneymaker

Chris Moneymaker was the first player to win a WSOP event after winning through from an online qualifier.

WE were staggered when one of the experts at EiG basically referred to Chris Moneymaker as a fat slob with man boobs who sits in front of the computer with no pants on.

For those who don’t remember, Moneymaker came from the clouds and won the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event.

We assume the above mentioned expert also doesn’t rate Australian Joe Hachem, who was a successful chiropractor before his 2005 victory in the big event.

Just as Moneymaker, while down on his luck after his wife left him, was a successful accountant before his breakthrough poker victory.

While we don’t want to name him out of respect for his family, we feel like this speaker missed the mark completely.

We heard a whisper from the Clarion team (the lovely folk that ran the event) that they were going to make him give a sneak preview of his presentation before inviting him back next year.

We’re not so sure about Berlin Casino

While, as you can tell by the tone of this article, we were in Berlin to work we did do a field research trip to Berlin casino.

We don’t know if you’ve ever attempted to play poker in a foreign speaking country, but if you have, you know how hard it is.

The dealer has faster fingers than Eric Clapton and the other players are quicker to fire than Oscar Pistorius.

My pockets Aces run into pocket sevens, while our fearless leader was left fuming when the rules of poker went out the window when a Swedish casino owner called $300 Euro raise with 9-4.

One of our staff members managed to come out ahead, but it was largely because his two companions were too disgusted to hang around the casino any longer than we had to.

We did manage to get most of our money back at the next day.

Don Daglow proves his worth

While we have successfully slung mud on several of the speakers at EiG, there was one talker who particularly enamoured himself to the AG staff.

We were lucky enough to interview Don Daglow and the video games pioneer proved his worth.

It’s easy to see why he has had a very successful career spanning over four decades in the video game industry.

Daglow is a firm believer that emotion is what attracts players to computer games and he drew on experiences from his past, to show how the iGaming industry can move forward.

He spoke of pulling the handle on an old fashioned slot machine and how, if a software provider can replicate that feeling they might be onto a winner.

The show must go on

While we had to move on from Berlin, we have another big week planned in Barcelona, where we will be meeting with many of our partners in the iGaming world.

We have also got a stack of stories to tell from EiG which will be gradually published over the coming weeks, while the team back in Australia have got the latest casino and sports news covered.

And the Sale Cup, for good measure

It just wouldn’t be week on the punt if we didn’t give you our thoughts on at least one sporting event.

The Tony McEvoy trained Sysmo has been well backed to claim his second country cup at Sale on Sunday and we believe that he will be up to it.

Sysmo, last year’s Seymour Cup winner, is on the second line at $5.50 but is the best supported runner in the Sale Cup with online bookmaker

Sportsbet has Sonntag and Pin Your Hopes at the top of betting on $4.80. Of the pair, Sonntag has a group of supporters and is the second best backed while Pin Your Hopes is unwanted

“Sysmo hasn’t won for just over a year, but it hasn’t stopped punters – he is the best supported runner in terms of money and wagers. Sonntag is next, in what is a very open race,”’s Ben Hawes said.

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