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Aussie Millions: Canadian wins Main Event, pockets $1.6 million

Mon, Feb 10, 12:47pm by Brad McGrath

Aussie Millions winner

Ami Barer takes home the cash at the Aussie Millions. Photos: Shannon Morris – 2014 Aussie Millions Poker Championship.

CANADIAN Ami Barer bagged his biggest-ever live pay cheque when he took out the Aussie Millions Main Event in the early hours of Monday morning.

The 22-year-old held his nerve in front of a 100-strong crowd, with many more following online, as he defeated Sorel Mizzi heads-up at 4am Melbourne time.

Barer, who has over $6.5 million in online poker winnings, pockets $1.6 million for winning the tournament while Sorel earns a $1 million consolation prize for his efforts.

The Main Event proved a war of attrition with 668 players whittled down to just seven after eight days, with the final table full of experience and skill.

Fellow Canadian Mizzi was runner-up after becoming the first player to make the final table of the Main Event twice.

Barer said he knew the final table was going to be a gruelling event and it didn’t disappoint with players in competition for 12 hours.

“I knew it would be a long day, we started with a lot of chips on the table and there were a lot of very talented young players and I was the luckiest one,” he told

“The heads up match was pretty short and sweet and I managed to get hands when I needed them and I didn’t have to face the wrath of Sorel.”

How Barer defeated Mizzi heads-up

Barer began the final table with a commanding chip lead which he extended further as the night progressed. By the time it got to the final hand Barer was leading five to one and it almost seemed a matter of when, not if he would defeat his country man.

Barer opened for a minimum raise as he had several times previously, Mizzi three-bet all in and Barer showed his pocket Aces (heart and spades) and realised he was in the box seat to claim the Main Event.

Mizzi had a Queen and Eight of diamonds but it wasn’t enough as the table played out K (spades), 2 (clubs), 2 (hearts), 3 (hearts), A (diamonds).

The Lone Aussie

Andrew Phaedonos

Second-placed Sorel Mizzi eliminates Aussie Andrew Phaedonos

Andrew Phaedonos was the sole Australian at the final table and he began the day cautiously, picking the correct hands to make in-roads.

After Rabinowitz minraised and Phaedonos called for a large sum of his stack. Mizzi then three-bet to $450,000. Rabinowitz then folded and Phaedonos re-raised all-in and Mizzi called him with K (hearts), K (clubs) with Phaedonos in trouble with his Queen (clubs), Jack (clubs). The flop delivered K (spades), 5 (clubs) and 3 (spades) leaving Phaedonos in more trouble. The A (diamonds) turned to give give Phaedonos four cards to hit. But a 5 (hearts) sent the last Australian to the rail.

Phaedonos pockets $250,000 for his trouble.

The final standings with pay-outs

1st) Ami Barer ($1.6 million)
2nd) Sorel Mizzi ($1 million)
3rd) Jake Balsiger ($650,000)
4th) Darren Rabinowitz ($450,000)
5th) Vincent Rubianes ($335,000)
6th) Andrew Phaedonos ($250,000)
7th) Scott Seiver ($170,000)

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