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Australia Ranks #1 for Most Money Gambling per Capita in 2013

Thu, Oct 3, 2:07pm by Kevin Pitstock

AustraliaAccording to a recent report in Foreign Policy magazine, Australians spent more money per capita this past year than any other people in the Asia-Pacific region. According to the American magazine’s “Sindex” study, adult Aussies spend $1,288 per year on average to fund their gaming habits.

The report goes on to show that Australians are ahead by a wide margin. Though other Asian nationalities have more of a reputation for gambling, only the city-state of Singapore ranks anywhere near Australia on the per capita chart. All other nations in the Asia-Pacific region lose half or less of the amount Australians lost per capita.

The sheer number of Australians gambling (in terms of percentages) is another remarkable feature of Aussie betting habits. The study shows that over 80% of adult Australian engage in some form of gambling throughout the year. This might involve lotteries, keno, bingo, sports betting, casino games, or poker, but one form of gaming stands out from all the rest. Most of the money lost each year is done through the pokies.

Pokies Are Australia’s Favourite Bet

Poker machines offer an efficient, mechanical way to gamble. Betting and results take place almost instantaneously, so this drives up the price paid. This is why so many gambling reformers target the pokies when they try to design new laws.

The study puts to task the idea that live betting odds during sports broadcasts are as dangerous as they’ve been made to seem in 2013. While sports betting has its share of problem gamblers, it’s the poker machines which drive up the numbers quickest.

Foreign Policy Magazine

Foreign Policy is a bi-monthly magazine which covers global politics, peace, economics, and globalization. The publication was founded in 1970 by investment banker and publisher, Warren Demian Manshel, and conservative political scientist, Samuel Phillips Huntington. The magazine originally was published in an odd 4×11 format.

In 1978, Foreign Policy was bought by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The Carnegie Endowment, which owned the publication for 30 years, changed the format from quarterly to bi-monthly. During the 1990’s, the magazine changed from an academic publication to a glossy publication. In September of 2008, the Washington Post Company purchased the magazine. Over the years, Foreign Policy has won numerous industry awards, including National Magazine Awards for General Excellence in 2003, 2007, and 2009.

Foreign Policy Index Analysis

It is known for a variety of annual analysis pieces, including the Failed State Index and the Globalization Index. The Think Again segment debunks common myths and misconceptions, while the Inside the Ivory Tower report annually grades professional schools according to their contribution to international relations.

The Sindex is an annual study of the various “sinful” activities humans enjoy. The index shows which nationalities spend more time and money on various wicked forms of entertainment. Categories include alcohol, debt, luxuries, gluttony, sloth, vanity, erotic pursuits, and gambling. Australians might be shocked to learn the Cook Islands puts Aussies to shame when it comes to drinking beer, with 182 litres compared to 5.2 litres for Australians.

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