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Australian Has Money Finish in 2013 World Series of Poker Event

Thu, Jun 6, 6:22am by Kevin Pitstock

Brendon RubieBrendon Rubie became the first Australian to finish in the money at the 2013 World Series of Poker. The six-week, 62-event poker tournament began last week at the Rio Casino in Paradise, Nevada in the United States. Paradise is part of the Las Vegas Township.

The first week of the World Series of Poker has featured Americans at the top of most tournament finishes. In the early events, a greater weight of amateurs play, since the buy-ins are smaller than they are for most of the later tournaments. The smaller purses draws many players from the USA, so Americans are even more likely to dominate the early play, from sheer weight of numbers.

Still, a few Australians have shown well in the early going.

No Limit Hold’em Eight-Handed – Event #2

Brendon Rubie. from Sydney, Australia was the first Australian to finish in the money at the 2013 World Series of Poker. Mr Rubie finished in 47th place out of a total of 481 entries at the No Limit Texas Holdem 8-Handed event, the second of the 62-event schedule. $2,260,700 was the total prizepool for the tournament, with a buy-in of $5,000 apiece. Brandon Rubie received $9,743 for his finish.

The winner of the event was Trevor Pope of Gainsville, Florida, USA. Mr Pope won $553,906. He beat David Vamplew of the Fife in the United Kingdom in heads-up action to seal the victory. Mr Vamplew won $342,450 for his 2nd place finish. Below is the full listing of players at the final table.

  • Trevor Pope – 1st – $553,906
  • David Vamplew – 2nd – #342,450
  • Darryl Fish – 3rd – $215,286
  • Jared Hamby – 4th – $154,518
  • Jamie Armstrong – 5th – $112,695
  • Dan Kelly – 6th – $83,532
  • Brandon Meyers – 7th – $62,915
  • David Peters – 8th – $48,130
  • Rafaal Michalowski – 9th – $37,391

Once again, American players dominated play, though the United Kingdom claims top prize. Players from Lithuania, Germany, Canada, Russia, Norway, and Mexico also won money at the event.

No Limit Holdem Re-Entry – Event #3

The third event of the World Series of Poker 2013 was a no limit Texas hold’em re-entry event. If a player was eliminated from action during the 1st day of the tournament, that contestant could buy re-entry into to the event at the start of the second day. Play continued for three days, until a winner was determined. Any buy-in for the event was $1,000, while the total prizepool was $2,847,600. The total number of entries was 3,164 players.

The event was won by Charles Sylvestre, a Canadian player from Saint Bruno, Quebec, Canada. The 2nd through 10th spots went to Americans, while the 11th place went to Makoto Yoshimichi from Japan.

In all, players from the United States, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Russia, and United Kingdom finished in the Top 30. South Georgia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Mexico, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, India, and Thailand had players finish in the money. ‘

The player from India was Hardeep Bhatti, while the punter from Thailand was Gregory Bejamins. No Australians finished in the money at the 3rd event the six-week World Series of Poker event.

  • Charles Sylvestre – 1st – $491,360
  • Seth Berger – 2nd – $303,952
  • William Guerrero – 3rd – $215,107
  • Michael Cooper – 4th – $155,706
  • Bihn Ra – 5th – $114,017
  • Ryan Olisar – 6th – $84,459
  • Darren Rabinowitz – 7th – $63,273
  • Ruben Ybarra – 8th – $47,925
  • Ping Liu – 9th – $36,705

No Limit Hold’em Six-Handed – Event #5

Tam Truong of Australia finished 102nd out of 1,069 entries in the 5th tournament of the World Series of Poker this year. Tam Truong of Cairnlea, Australia won $2,871 for his finish, which required a buy-in of $1,500. The total prize pool was US$1,443,150.

The winner of the event was John Beauprez of Arvada, Colorado, United States. Mr Beauprez’s earnings were $324,764 for finishing in first place. Beauprez defeated Manig Loeser of Bad Homburg, Germany in the heads-up portion of the final table in order to win the event. Manig Loeser’s prize winnings were $200,698 for his 2nd place finish.

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