Australian Open 2011 Betting – ATP Mens Winner

by Noah Taylor Last Updated

Like I said in my article before this tournament started, this is a two horse race. It definitely still is and nothing has changed. Nadal has shortened into $2.50 on Sportingbet with Federer at $2.75.

Despite Federer dropping another set today that doesn’t turn me off one bit. I think he’ll produce his best tennis in his last few matches. Nadal who was in a bit of doubt before the tournament with illness, has been playing well the whole way through. This illness was enough to make several big bettors smash into Federer pre-tournament. I still think the $2.75 about him is good value.

Djokovic and Berdych are the only threats, with Murray no chance. Realistically I don’t think Berdych can win this Grand Slam, so Djokovic is the only one with the ability to rock Federer or Nadal off their pedestals. Sportingbet have Djokovic at $9.00 which is pretty good value considering how late in the tournament it is.

The rest of the players don’t stand a chance and aren’t worth mentioning. I’m sticking with Federer at $2.75 on Sportingbet as my best bet for the 2011 Aussie Open.

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