Australian Open Tennis Day 1 Betting – 17th January 2011

by Noah Taylor Last Updated

Excuse my lateness on this post as it’s already half way through the day. Every day during the 2011 Aussie tennis Open we’ll be posting our best tips and odds for the day. If you check in here mid morning of each day over the next fortnight you’ll be able to get the picks and bet accordingly.

Today’s post will be short as obviously a lot of the matches have either started or finished. A lot of the odds in the first round are immensely short for the favourites. So much so you can’t even bet on Rafael Nadal in the first round!

You might want to put a multi on to get a bit more value in the first round of the Australian Open.

Round One Tips and Odds – Monday 17th January

  • Richard Gasquet vs F Deancevic @ $1.18
  • N Almagro vs S Robert @ $1.11

These odds came courtesy of Sportsbet.

The rest of the matches are either far too short of or have already begun. Apologies again but we’ll have tomorrow’s article posted bright and early and hope to pick you a few winners.

It pays to shop around on the Aussie Open because you can get a wide variety of odds across the different bookmakers in Australia.

Here are the four that I recommend:

  1. Sportingbet
  2. Centrebet
  3. Sportsbet
  4. IASbet
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