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Bryn Kenney wins biggest Aussie Millions Main Event ever

Wed, Feb 6, 9:41am by Staff Writer

The largest Aussie Millions Main Event in history has been won by Bryn Kenney, who defeated a field of 822 players and walked away with A$1,272,598.

Kenney agreed to a three-handed deal between himself and fellow American Mike Del Vecchio and Australian Andrew Hinrichsen.

Kenney entered the final table as the short stack, but scored two doubles within the first 50 hands of the day to steady the ship.

He scored a timely double as the field as whittled down to just three players to remain in contention for the big prize.

After more than 100 hands of three-handed play, the trio returned from a break and agreed to look at the numbers, with Kenney taking home the biggest slice of the remaining prize pool as well as the trophy and ANTON Jewelry bracelet.

Kenney told Poker News that he wasn’t interested in a deal unless he was going to win.

“If we were going to play to win, then I’m happy to play to win. But if I’m going to make a deal then I feel like the tournament is sort of over. They were big pay jumps; I’ve played for this much before, but this must have been the biggest pay jump that they’ve both ever been involved in,” he said.

Runner-up Mike Del Vecchio picked up second place, despite holding the chip lead and adds A$1,272,162 to the A$370,000 he won for his fifth place finish in the Aussie Millions Main Event last year.

“I wanted that trophy more than anything in the world. When we were doing the deal negotiations, he wanted the win and the money. I was like I’m not giving you both. So in the end, I didn’t give him a cent, but it feels bittersweet. I wanted the trophy really badly,” Del Vecchio told Poker News.

The best performing Australian at this year’s final table was Andrew Hinrichsen, who rounded out the top three taking home A$1,097,739, more than the A$400,000 on offer for third place.

“I’m not sure it’s sunk in yet. Coming back from break I was expecting to continue battling three handed. But I was very happy to lock up almost second place money as the short stack,” Hinrichsen said.

Place Winner Country Prize (AUD)
1 Bryn Kenney United States $1,272,598
2 Mike Del Vecchio United States $1,272,739
3 Andrew Hinrichsen Australia $1,097,739
4 Clinton Taylor Australia $483,000
5 Matthew Wakeman Australia $380,300
6 Gyeong Byeong Lee Korea $309,000
7 Hamish Crawshaw New Zealand $242,000

Katz gets his first win Down Under

As the Aussie Millions draws to a close, Cary Katz pocketed A$1,481,760 as the winner of the A$100,000 Challenge event last weekend.

Katz defeated Johannes Becker heads-up for the first prize and ANTON Championship Ring.

Katz held the overnight chip lead heading into Day 2 and managed to ride that momentum through the long day of play to not just reach the final table, but then dominate short-handed play before clinching victory against a 42-entrant field.

It was Katz’s first victory on Australian soil. Speaking about it, he said: “feeling pretty amazing. I got remarkably lucky, so I’m very grateful.”

He turned his attention to praising the Aussie Millions event stating, “I think the Aussie Millions is an amazing event and the turnout is going to be even better next year. My guess is that they will add some more high rollers next year, so I think the turnout is going to be huge.”

Place Winner Country Prize (AUD)
1 Cary Katz United States $1,481,760
2 Johannes Becker Germany $946,680
3 Abraham Passet Germany $617,400
4 Rainer Kempe Germany $452,760
5 Jack Salter United Kingdom $329,280
6 Kristen Bicknell Canada $288,120


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