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Can online gambling continue to grow?

Thu, Jun 13, 2:20pm by Staff Writer

The online gambling industry stands at a crossroads according to Tech Guide.

After 10 years of unprecedented growth, the idea of sustaining double digit percentage growth for more than a decade is remarkable.

With that being said, this is the one industry that seems to be in a position to continue such growth for at least the next decade.

To do so, there are two things the industry needs to focus on for success.

The first has to do with expansion of online gambling into parts of the world that have not yet been hit by the online gambling explosion.

The reality is that many parts of Asia, South America, Central America and Africa have a keen interest in the legalisation of online gambling for its residents.

There are barriers to clear, but progress is being made.

Realistically, websites such as the new Casinomir could eventually be available to gamblers in countries that occupy 80 per cent of the earth’s land surface.

That’s a mind-boggling notion considering where the online gambling industry was just five years ago.

New regions the key to growth going forward

The industry needs to aggressively deal with concerns related to problem gambling, rogue casino operators and predatory advertising if it wants to continue this expansion.

If these issues can be reeled in, more conservative regions of the world would likely embrace the concept of online gambling.

That brings us to the second thing the industry needs to do.

The idea of people in mass having access to computers in regions such as Africa and South America is a bit misguided.

Third-world countries don’t have a lot of access to computers and Wi-Fi.

What they do have access to are cell phones with data capabilities.

In countries like The Philippines, there are more than 300 million mobile devices in operation.

Mind everyone, the total population is 103 million.

The proportionate numbers are similar in other third-world countries.

It stands to reason that the online gambling industry needs to continue its emphasis on mobile gambling.

Current estimates put the number of gamblers in the UK who access their gambling accounts with a mobile device, either tablet or smartphone, at 50 per cent.

Future estimates move that number into the 75 per cent range by the end of 2020.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand the implications of these numbers.

Mobile access equals massive growth into the future.

The gambling mobile apps of the future must provide gamblers with the access to everything they want and need from an online gambling site.

That includes unfetered access to the top online casino games and access to the same bonuses and promotions being offered to PC gamblers.

Beyond that, mobile apps must have all the bells and whistles that have enticed online gamblers over the last 10 years.

That means the apps must be highly functional, easy to navigate with cutting edge technology.

Additionally, mobile apps must include access to account funding options that address the needs of gamblers from every region.

That might mean a bigger shift away from credit cards and more towards banking options like PayPal and crytocurrency.

These are good times for the online gambling industry.

If providers and software developers play their mobile gaming cards right, this industry has a great chance to exceed all expectations for years to come.

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