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Casinos to invest in skill-based games

Thu, Feb 7, 12:56pm by Staff Writer

A California-based skilled-based games creator has released a report indicating that 70 per cent of casinos are planning to introduced skill-based games as part of a plan to broader their player demographics.

Synergy Blue questioned executive from more than 11 casinos in 2018 and asked them what their top priorities were, what challenges they faced and the role they think that skill-based games could have on the future of casino gaming.

Vegas Slots Online reports that the top expectations for new slot units on the floor were: 55 per cent indicated that they increased time on the device, 45 per cent noted they expand player demographics, while 70 per cent are considering adopting skill-based games.

Skill-based games are defined as games will skill components on games with arcade-style play.

They are seen as a way of appealing to a new wave of gamblers, in particular, Generation X.

50 per cent of respondents considered Generation X to be considered financially established within five years and they will drive their focus on this group.

Only 22 per cent of casinos were focusing on the Millennial generation by comparison.

Skill-based games provide increased challenges for players, with 67 per cent of executives believing that a new generation of gamblers will find this appealing.

The report uses the findings to surmise that: “in an effort to expand their appeal to a younger generation of players, many casinos have looked to skill-based games. This appeals to the next generation of gamblers, who grew up in the video game era.”

Of the casinos that have adopted skill-based games or games will skill or arcade components, 81 per cent indicated the provide a different player experience, whereas 38 per cent said that they add a unique marketing element for their property.

There remains scepticism in the industry surrounding skill-based games though, with 34 per cent of executives expressing concerns over legal or jurisdictional requirements.

A further 17 per cent noted that hey lack knowledge of skill-based games and 30 per cent were concerned as to their appeal to patrons.

The report added that: “player appeal and player understanding topped the list, which shows that as skill-based games emerge, casinos and patrons alike are adjusting to a reimagined gambling experience.”

Executives weer asked what benefits of skill-based games would lead to adoption.

45 per cent stated that an increase in incremental revenue and 29 per cent highlighted expanding of player demographics.

Online casinos & skill-based games

Online casinos have enjoyed an explosive increase in popularity in recent times.

When they were first introduced in the 1990s, the novelty value of gambling for real money on a remote casino was a major part of their appeal.

Fast-forward to today, and the casino industry is allowing players the chance to play for anywhere in the world for huge, progressive jackpots.

The move towards skill-based games has been accelerated by online casinos in recent years, with gaming coming to focus on the best elements of video gaming and the higher levels of engagement and entertainment that come from betting.

The traditional slot machine lacks any element of skill, with the player choosing their stake and telling the machine when to spin, with the hope that good fortune is smiling down on you.

Online slots are much better on the whole in comparison, with better graphics, features and animations that put traditional slot games to shame.

Skill-based games shy away from the house edge required by operators in order for their games to be successful and shifts to competition – something seen as a win, win as far as the industry is concerned.

It could be that the introduction of skill-based games could bring casinos and video games together, creating an environment that delivers a new gaming experience, but also keeps patrons happy.

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