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Clinton backed heavily to win final Presidential debate

Wed, Oct 19, 5:47pm by Staff Writer

It’s turning Washington into Hollywood but the final presidential TV debate looks set to be a landslide victory for the democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton.

Online bookmaker Sportsbet is reporting that punters believe there’s only one winner, even before a single word has been spoken. A massive 85% of wagers are backing Hillary Clinton to win the third and final presidential debate which will hit our TV screens on Thursday at 12:00pm AEDT.

The surge of money president has seen the would-be first lady president come into $1.15 from $1.22 to win the debate. Trump is at the long odds of $5 to claim his first debate win but according to his supporters and the man himself, it’s rigged.

Trump continues to whine about rigged results and is a $8.50 chance to quit during the debate should things not go his way. Trump is also a $5.00 to actually become President with Clinton currently the $1.18 favourite.

The favourite has received several insults from Mr Trump along the campaign trail and in the debates, so much so that Sportsbet also has a market for the most popular insults for Trump to throw Clinton’s way. They are; crooked ($6), liar ($3) and the devil which has been backed from $34 to $11.

“According to our punters Trump won’t be shy with his usual insults but it’s Clinton who’s on course for a hat trick of debate wins,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

In yet another amazing twist to the story, Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik will show his support for Donald Trump at the third presidential debate in Las Vegas. The Kenyan-born man, who is also a U.S. citizen, announced in July he would vote for the Republican nominee.

The Third and final Presidential Debate 2016 is at 12:00 PM – 1:30pm AEDT on Thursday, October 20

Markets courtesy of

US Election Winner

$1.18   Hillary Clinton

$5.00   Donald Trump

Who will win the 3rd debate?

$1.15   Hillary Clinton            (in from $1.22)

$5.00   Donald Trump             (out from $4.00)

What will Trump call Clinton first?

$3.00   Liar

$4.00  Fraud

$5.00  Embarrassment

$6.00  Crooked

$9.00   Hypocrite

$11      Criminal

$11      The Devil

$16      Thief

$21      Bigot

$26      Shady

$34      Satan

$51      Murderer

3rd Presidential Debate Futures

$8.50   Donald Trump to quit during the live broadcast

$15      Donald Trump to not attend the 3rd Debate

$21       Hillary Clinton to take a drug test before the debate

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