Conroy Admits Problems with Banning Gambling

by Noah Taylor Last Updated

Senator Conroy has today admitted that there is a problem with ‘creeping’ when it comes to the latest discussions about ISP banning of sites on the dreaded ‘blacklist.’ Online poker sites were included on this as well as other legal sites and content. It raised more than just a few questions to the Government about just how they think they are going to draw a line.

Techworld wrote an article earlier today where Conroy said “The concept of creep is a legitimate political debate.” He then went on to say “If people say it might go further, that is a legitimate point to raise. Am I going to agree with what [Senator] Steve Fielding might want banned? Absolutely not.” I particularly like this argument Mr Conroy. Why don’t you take heed of your own advice and admit you cannot control what is banned and do away with this ridiculous plan.

If we thought we had received an admission of guilt from this particular Senator, then weren’t we fooled. He later went on to say the technology “This is just not the case and the trial, in my view, will prove you can block 10,000 URLs without any over-blocking at all,” he said. “I believe the technology is there.”

Thank you for enlightening us Senator. There have been professionals all over the TV, internet, radio and every single form of media informing you that it will not work. Not only that the third largest ISP in Australia, iiNet, had their CEO announce that they were droppping out because it will not work. Then there is Telstra who is not happy at all with the track you are going down.

When will you stop pushing your own agenda to get into bed with Xenephon and Fielding, listen to the Australian public and industry professionals?

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