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Crown Casino Scammed out of $32,000,000

Tue, Apr 23, 8:46pm by Kevin Pitstock

Crown CasinoWhen a scam artist took $32 million in cash on March 18, 2013 at the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex, the largest casino in Australia, it was reported all over the world that the money was scammed from the casino. At the time, investigators described the crime as reminiscent of the Ocean’s 11 films, where a team of lovable con men steal casino fortunes.

Updating the reports from a month ago, it’s more likely that the other players at the table lost the cash. Since little has emerged about the event in the weeks since, one can assume the thief was never charged with a crime.

Scammers Hit Casino

The Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex in Melbourne was hit by a pair of thieves who gained control of the resort’s surveillance system. Using the information stolen from the casino’s own cameras, a thief posing as a foreign high roller won nearly thirty-three million dollars in only 8 hands of poker.

Casino Entertainment, owner of the complex on the north bank of the Yarra River, said the suspect was tossed out of his $30,000 a night villa he was staying in with his family. The card player was banned for life from the casino, while officials claimed they expect to see most of the cash returned. The full amount taken is still uncertain to reports, who have reported $32, $33, and $34 million stolen at various times, and is thought to have returned home to avoid prosecution. The parent company fired a VIP services manager who was assigned to the gambler.

The player who won all the cash may have been in league with a casino employment. Apparently, the VIP manager is thought to have been the culprit, as this is the person who placed the man in his plush suite. From there, he gained entry into a private high stakes room, where he cleaned the tables out and walked away 8 hands later. The man is thought to have worn an earpiece which gave him access to the surveillance team’s comments, which gave the gambler a decided advantage.

The Real Story

Wild rumours have been circling about the veracity of this new item. Some gambling experts have questioned whether the story is accurate. People cite that the bet limit is $300,000 at most, so the person in question couldn’t have made off with 100 times that amount in only eight hands. Also, the skeptics reported that no police report was filed. The idea that operators wouldn’t want law enforcement involved is a bit suspicious, according to industry insiders.

According to spokesmen for the casino, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation and the Melbourne Police are being consulted. This implies some of the rumours above may have been misreported. Expect further details of what happened to surface, though at this point, the casino and the players involved appear disinterested in giving the full facts.

Crown Casino Information

The Crown Hotel is the most famous casino in Australia. The gambling destination reported profits of $181 million last year. The complex is a destination for the rich and famous from around the world and is a particular favourite of wealthy businessmen from China. The resort has welcomed many famous celebrities, including Tiger Woods, Katy Perry, One Direction, Kim Kardashian, Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, and Nicole Kidman.

The two-block complex is site to the Palladium Room, the largest ballroom in Melbourne. The 500,000+ square foot complex is home to fashion stores like Versace, Bulgari, Prada, and Hugo Boss. Nightclubs and other attractions are also located on site. The Crown Entertainment Complex, including the gambling area and the private companies located adjacent to it, is the largest casino in the Southern Hemisphere. Despite that, no 5-star hotel is going to miss over $32 million in chips.

This post was written as a follow-up to our original post on the subject here: $32 Million Scam Rocks Crown Casino.

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