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Crown croupiers caught running Perth poker house

Fri, Dec 21, 2:03pm by Staff Writer

Two Crown Perth croupiers have been fined after they were found having set up an illegal gaming house in a residential property.

Licensed croupiers for the casino, married couple Eugene and Jacqueline Soh were not able to gamble at the casino or place bets at the TAB.

To participate in gambling activity, the couple rented out a home in Morley for $220 a week for the sole purpose of playing poker with their fellow croupiers who were also not permitted to gamble, according to Perth Now.

Couple would organise poker nights with colleagues at their rental property

At the home, the couple set up a poker table in the empty house for weekly poker games with their croupier friends.

In addition, they purchased a supply of food and drinks and organised a dealer to run the games.

During the scheduled weekly gambling nights with their colleagues, the pair would collect a cut from the winnings of each hand.

The couple used the cash to cover the cost of running their poker house whilst also taking home a small profit.

Mr. and Mrs Soh were scheduled to face trial in the Perth Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, however pleaded guilty to using the rented house as a common gaming house.

Mr. Soh also plead guilty to participating in the gambling at the home.

Magistrate Greg Smith stated in court that the couple knew that what they were undertaking was wrong, however acknowledged that Mr. and Mrs Soh’s prime motivation was to get together with colleagues to play cards rather than make money.

He fined Mr Soh $3250 and his wife $1500 with the pair spared convictions after accepting they were of prior good character and unlikely to reoffend.

The couple were caught following an intensive investigation, which involved surveillance of the property.

Police searched the house in September last year, finding nine people, including Mr Soh, sitting around a table filled with chips and cards.

Lawyer for the couple, Seamus Rafferty said Mr and Mrs Soh didn’t appreciate how much trouble they could get into if they were caught. He added that the couple would likely lose their licences as casino employees as a result of their convictions.

The couple were also ordered to pay $1,000 in costs.

Crown featuring in the news across Australia in recent days

Crown have been in the headline for a variety of reasons over the past couple of weeks.

In Sydney, the gaming giant has been engaged in a legal battle with the Barangaroo Delivery Authority over the impediment of its proposed new hotels views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

This legal battle has favoured the casino and fellow developer Lendlease which should assist in Crowns constructions plans going as originally scheduled.

The casino also provided further detail on its new Melbourne hotel, One Queensbridge, which will become the fourth hotel in Crown’s Southbank precinct.

The 90 floor construction is set to be taller than Melbourne’s Eureka Tower.

In non-gambling related news for Crown, employees of Melbourne operation this week donated a record 1700 gifts this week to the Salvation Army for needy Victorians.

In what is a now annual event, the staff of the organisation supplied a wide range of presents ranging from bicycles to teddy bears.

Salvation Army street team leader Major Brendan Nottle told the Herald Sun that “the toys are amazing, but so is the thought that comes with it”.

“Even though many people feel forgotten, these gifts are a powerful reminder that there are people who care about them and that they are loved.”

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