Customers report problems accessing The Lott’s website

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Online gambling site The Lott has recently had a problem with regular users unable to access its payment gateway to buy a lottery ticket.

Channel News reports that calls to the support number listed on the operator’s app are also not working.

With millions spent on soliciting customers to gamble during the coronavirus pandemic, operators of the site have not said whether the problem is caused by a rush of demand from consumers fancying their chances on a lotto win in times of hardship.

The Lott, also know as Thelott Enterprises, is an Australian lottery brand encompassing the government licenced lottery businesses Golden Casket, New South Wales lotteries, Tattersall’s Sweeps and South Australian Lotteries owned by the Tatts Group.

Aussies win millions on lotteries every year

With millions and millions of dollars awarded to Aussies all the time, it can be difficulty to grasp the enormity of the winnings from lotteries.

When the numbers are added up and put together, it shows just how much the lotto industry is worth, Casino Aus reported in January.

The fiscal year beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30 means that Australian lotto organisation the Lotto is already into its second half of the fiscal year.

The Lott’s numbers come from its group of Australian lotteries: Tatts, New South Wales Lotteries, South Australian Lotteries, and Golden Casket.

Since division one prizes are the most lucrative, the largest available, those numbers add up quickly.

But they are the ones that receive the most attention.

Here are the top amounts awarded in the current fiscal year from the various lotteries offering division one prizes.

The first is the Lott’s $701 million in prize money, given out through a total of 221 division one entries won this year.

There have been nine Powerball division one winners in Australia during this financial year, totalling $336.3 million.

Every Thursday, players across the country can choose seven numbers from 1-35 and one Powerball between the numbers of 1 and 20.

The Saturday Lotto shows 173 Saturday Lotto division one winning entries so far, creating 76 millionaires.

A total of $128.7 million has been awarded in the two weekly Lucky Lotteries drawings, both the Super Jackpot and the Mega Jackpot.

This stems from 156 winners of these lotteries’ first prizes.

The Lucky Super Jackpot happens every Thursday with up to 10 numbers to be chosen, and the Mega Jackpot draws are every Friday with the same option for players to choose up to 10 numbers.

The twice weekly drawings of the Monday and Wednesday Lotto have garnered 60 division one winning entries to award more than $58 million in prize money, creating 51 millionaires.

The Monday and Wednesday draws take place on those days and the players can choose six numbers from 1 to 45.

Instant scratch-its have paid out $7.2 million to 84 winners.

There are many instant ticket options available and in retail locations across Australia.

Currently, at the most affordable level, there are 2020 and Lots O’ Luck tickets that cost only $1 each.

The Lunar New Year and Catch a Fortune tickets cost $2 each.

There are three $4 options, four $5 tickets, and three for $10 each.

Finally, the $20 ticket options are the Ultimate Payout, which awards a top prize of $1 million, and Casino Gold. From which players can win as much as $500,000.

Man misses lotto jackpot by a whisker

An Australian man has been dealt a cruel blow, as his share of a US$50 million Mega Millions lottery wasn’t to be, after a time zone glitch.

The man, known only as Mr G, lodged a gambling dispute against online bookmaker Lottoland Australia after the Northern Territory-based company refused to pay up, the ABC reported last March.

The man said he lawfully entered the draw with Lottoland before the advertised cut-off time.

The draw had already taken place 27 minutes before, with Lottoland displaying the wrong draw time due to an incorrect time zone conversion.

“The complainant claims he lawfully entered the draw with Lottoland before the advertised cut-off time and successfully nominated all numbers in the US lottery draw entitling him to a share of US$50 million,” the NT Racing Commission said in a decision on the matter last Thursday.

Mr G placed his bet at 11:27am AWST on October 14, 2017, which he said was prior to Lottoland’s “advertised” draw time of 12 noon (AWST).

“Unknown to the complainant when he placed the bet, Draw 2129 had already been draw,” the report stated.

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