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Dealer caught red handed at Melco Resorts casino in Cyprus

Fri, Mar 15, 9:13am by Staff Writer

A dealer at a Melco Resorts casino in Cyprus has been embroiled in an alleged cheating scandal, Calvin Ayre reports.

The dealer is accused of assisting a player to win at roulette on 18 different occasions over a one-month period.

The 44-year-old dealer, whose name has not been released, had been aiding a 53-year-old man win on the roulette table.

Staff at the Cyprus casino found that he was acting suspiciously around the security cameras on the property.

The man was arrested immediately and has been in jail for the past four days.

The casino issued a statement saying they “won’t tolerate such behaviour.”

The dealer is currently facing fraud charges, which could be expanded as the investigation continues.

Melco Resorts opened their casino in Cyprus in June as part of the development of four separate casinos across the Mediterranean.

$621.25 million had been spent on the City of Mediterranean resort and casino facility that is expected to be complete in 2021.

A temporary structure is in place until it can be completed.

The Larnaca project, known as C2, is the third of four casino projects to be spread across the region by Melco.

The company was given a 30 year license to create the four resorts and casinos. Despite this recent turmoil, there is no discussion of any action being taken to remove the license as a result of the fraudulent behaviour of one employee.

Melco is likely to have to undergo tighter scrutiny for some time until they prove that this is an isolated incident, according to Calvin Ayre.

Dealers recently caught in United States and Australia cheating

Cheating scandals at casinos are not limited to Cyprus, with a blackjack dealer in the United States accused of cheating to help a gambler win more than $60,000.

Mohegan Sun dealer David Peters was charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree larceny, first-degree larceny, third-degree larceny and cheating.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced from The Daily Telegraph that a dealer at The Star Casino in Sydney was caught trying to steal a $5,000 chip by hiding it in his sock.

The incident was caught by CCTV cameras directly above his head.

The anonymous employee of Sydney’s premier casino was caught red-handed by the complexes security cameras, with footage released last Sunday.

The footage shows the dealer fidgeting with the tray of chips while he spoke to patrons.

In a subtle move, he pinches a chip with his pinky and ring finger, exposing it briefly to the cameras before stowing it in his palm.

He then looked to the ground, before reaching underneath the table for a few seconds and resurfacing.

The dealer shows his open palm face-up to the camera – a move called “showing clean hands”, which is instilled on employees during training to prove they don’t have any chips in their hands.

The Star has since announced that it will be deploying new facial recognition software in high-risk areas of the casino over the coming months as part of a $10 million security upgrade.

“Surveillance is a 24-hour, seven day a week operation. On a Saturday night we have 150 people working in our surveillance and security teams,” The Star’s surveillance chief Catherine Clark said.

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