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Fines for Tassie clubs and hotels breaching gaming laws

Tue, Jan 29, 1:05pm by Staff Writer

Authorities in Tasmania have handed down a $31,800 fine to UBET Tasmania for sending a loyalty program upgrade email to excluded customers.

The bookie was issued the fine, which was the harshest of 13 penalties and letters handed out by the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission between July and October 2018.

The commission has been keen to crack down on venues that do not follow their legal obligations, particularly regarding people that have excluded themselves from gambling.

This latest raft of disciplinary action comes after 34 disciplinary actions on2 5 operators and licensed premises gaming license holders and 176 written breach warnings were issued last financial year.

The most recent actions have been taken against the state’s most popular venues, according to The Advocate.

Australian National Hotels, the owner of Hobart’s Wrest Point Hotel Casino was fined $15,900 for allowing a gaming machine to be played while it did not function at the manner in which it was designed.

The Burnie Club in the state’s north was fined $1,630 for failing to comply with the commission’s technical standards for recorded surveillance.

The prestigious Tasmania Country Club Casino Pty Ltd was fined $7,950 for allowing a non-premium program member to access a premium player program member-only ATM.

A woman’s special employee’s licenses was suspended for three months and another woman fined $1,590 for playing keno while on duty.

Finally the proprietors of the Pier Hotel in George Town, York Cove Investments, was fined $1,630 for allowing staff to perform the duties of a special employee while not licenses to do so.

Tasmanian state legislation states that when gaming venues receive a written notice that a person is excluded from the venue, they must make sure staff who deal with customers are aware of the notice and ensure the excluded person cannot place new bets.

The state’s exclusive policy was put under the microscope by the commission recently, with the state Treasury’s liquor and gaming branch saying that the commission had increased its focus on the effectiveness of the program and the “implications of venues not maintaining appropriate records or excluded persons not being identified.”

The Globe Hotel in Hobart owned by Julfran Pty Ltd was fined $3,180 for failing to provide a system for staff to view information on excluded patrons. The Crown Inn in Pontville was fined the same amount for failing to maintain satisfactory exclusive records.

The commission warned licensees n October about the importance of protecting excluded people from gambling and included information about what to do if excluded people were found in venues.

“The commission is determined to take disciplinary action if venues are found to have not performed their responsibilities in the correct manner,” it said.

Gambling in the Apple Isle

Gambling in Tasmania was a hotly contested issue in the state’s most recent election.

Prior to last March’s state election, the Labor Party pledged to ban poker machines from pubs and clubs by 2023.

Will Hodgman’s Liberal Party were elected, with the lynchpin of Labor’s election policy vanishing in the wash up from their loss.

It was not mentioned in Ms White’s budget reply speech to the Tasmanian parliament in July 2018.

Health, education, affordable housing and government transparency were among the many topics discussed, in what Labor described as its list of “key priorities.”

When the ABC asked explicitly about the pokies policy Ms White said: “The Tasmanian Labor Party remains firmly committed to the policy position we took at the last election.”

The Tasmanian Labor Party picked up three seats in the most recent election, but needed six to win back government.

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