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Gambling Addict Sues Melbourne Crown Casino

Fri, May 22, 11:59pm by Kevin Pitstock

A gambling addict is never good news but when the addict begins to blame others for his addiction, the story gets interesting.

According to several reports, Melbourne’s Crown Casino played devil and lured a former property tycoon by offering him several irresistible gambling temptations.

Harry Kakavas, former property tycoon, self-confessed and well known gambling addict is suing the Crown Casino for losses experienced between 2004 and 2006. The gambling addict ended up losing almost his entire property portfolio due to his excessive gambling and has listed damages worth 50m AUD in his suit against the casino. The actual amount lost by Kakavas during his 2004 – 2006 gambling spree however is 20m AUD.

The 42-year old gambler says he banned himself from Melbourne’s Crown Casino and instead took to flying to the world’s gambling capital – Las Vegas. However, Kakavas alleges the casino then began offering various incentives so he would continue gambling at the Melbourne hotspot.

Kakavas has claimed that he received financial as well as luxury benefits and incentives from Crown so he would continue to play. He said he flew to Melbourne from his Gold Coast home, free of charge at least 30 times, to gamble at the Crown. In addition, he claims to have also been aboard the casino’s VIP executive jet several times for trips to and from the Gold Coast.

Kakavas also says he was forcefully handed large wads of cash to jumpstart his gambling excesses at the baccarat tables.

Whether Kakavas is telling the truth or this is a ploy to recover his million dollar losses is still to be found out.

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