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Hoax or Real – The mystery of Luxbet Dave

Thu, Sep 22, 12:21pm by Senior Writer

Social media has been divided on the saga of Luxbet’s social media manager ‘Dave’, who took over the corporate bookmakers Twitter account on Thursday morning, claiming he had been sacked.

In a humorous barrage of tweets, Dave initially posted a screenshot of an email which purported to dismiss him from his job after six days of failing to post anything on social media after the launch of a new Luxbet app.

He then followed up with a series of posts, saying he had had hijacked the Twitter account by resetting the email and password, before doing a crude but amusing makeover of the artwork at the top of the Twitter page, changing Luxbet to Davebet.

But the audience became increasingly cynical about that it was part of a marketing ploy when Dave started promoting hashtags #savedave and #davegetsfired.

It became increasingly clear that Dave’s antics were designed to draw attention to Luxbet’s new app.

Media website Mumbrella has reported that Luxbet has admitted that Dave was a hoax.

But credit must go to Luxbet for pushing their brand beyond its traditional comfort zone where it has usually been austere, corporate and aloof.

Even if Dave doesn’t exist, which looks increasingly likely, they have moved themselves into the space of their rivals such as Sportsbet, who relish using humour to engage with their audience.

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