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Japanese man steals $140k from boss & loses it all at Crown

Mon, May 20, 12:30pm by Staff Writer

A young Japanese man has been jailed for stealing $140,000 from his boss’s suitcase and losing it at Crown Casino in just four hours. is reporting that 23-year-old Takuro Yanagida was visiting Melbourne with his boss when he used a key in October 2017 to unlock his employer’s suitcase at their hotel in a “naïve, amateurish and unsophisticated” act.

Yanagida had developed a “precarious financial position” and become involved in gambling in the months leading up to the incident.

He went to Crown Casino and exchanged the money for chips, proceeding to lose the “entire sum over a four-hour period” in a “panic-drive, opportunistic crime”.

Yanagida initially denied what he’d done, but made full admissions after Crown Casino was called and identified him as the person who’d exchanged the money for chips.

“Your offending may have been initiated by a naïve belief that you could use (your employer’s) money to win at the casino and pay off your financial situation,” County Court judge Robert Dyer said during sentencing.

The judge accepted Yanagida’s early plea was indicative of genuine remorse before jailing him for eight months.

He has already served 207 days in pre-sentence detention, meaning he must serve another month before he is freed and deported to Japan.

Darwin casino worker & brother-in-law sentenced after stealing Keno ticket

A worker at Darwin’s Sky City Casino and his brother-in law have been sentenced to home detention after stealing a customer’s winning Keno ticket worth more than A$53,000.

The customer presented the winning ticket worth A$53,353.60 on September 27, 2018 to Sky City employee Michael John Rich Tomas.

Ms Tomas told the customer that the ticket he presented had not won anything, when he knew it had won and subsequently pocketed it.

He drove his brother-in-law Jonathan De Guzman to the casino the next day to cash it in.

The scheme came unstuck when the casino employee that Mr De Guzman presented to ticket to became suspicious after remembering he had sold the ticket to someone else, the court heard.

Police weer alerted and discovered A$50,000 deposited in De Guzman’s bank account along with A$6,000 in cash at his home.

CCTV footage at the casino showed Mr Tomas going to “great lengths” to hide the ticket and eventually discretely take it with him.

Prosecutor Naomi Loudon said that security vision showed the moment the patron approached Mr Tomas with the winning ticket.

“Mr Tomas handed back four of the five tickets … he then reached beneath the counter and swapped the winning ticket with another one,” she told the court.

The next day, with Mr Tomas waiting in the car park, the court heard Mr De Guzman attended the casino and cashed in the winning ticket.

Casino employees are banned from gambling at Sky City Darwin and playing Keno in the Northern Territory.

Mr Tomas gave the winning ticket to his brother-in-law for this reason.

Mr De Guzman cashed the ticket as his own and received a $40,000 cheque and the remainder of the fraudulent winnings in cash.

A casino employee found the ticket with 36-year-old De Guzman’s license attached.

The staffer remembered selling the ticket to the real winner and recognised De Guzman as his colleague’s brother-in-law.

The court head that Mr Tomas had worked at the casino for 15 years and his actions were a “gross breach of trust”.

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