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John Singleton Names Informers in More Joyous Racing Scandal

Fri, May 3, 7:30am by Kevin Pitstock

Andrew Johns

Football and Informer Andrew Johns

John Singleton, owner of More Joyous, confirmed Andrew Johns and James Robinson were the people who informed him of possible trouble with thoroughbred More Joyous. The scandal started when Singleton allegedly was told about issues with the horse brought to light by Tom Waterhouse, the notable bookmaker.

Tom Waterhouse’s mother, Gai Waterhouse, was the trainer of More Joyous until recently, when John Singleton removed his horses from her stables. This started a feud between Singleton and the Waterhouses. Meanwhile, speculation raged about how said what, as well as what manner of problems the horse might have had.

About More Joyous

More Joyous is a 6 year old Thoroughbred race mare which won eight Group 1 events in its storied career. In 30 races over her six year career, More Joyous has never finished lower than 2nd until the recent All Aged competition, which indicates to many people that something had to be wrong health wise.

Possible Drug Use

Meanwhile, news reports surfaced today that the original issue with More Joyous might have involved use of the drug pentosan polysulfate to medicate the horse 5 days before the race. Pentosan polysulfate is a legal substance, often used as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory in such cases. If the horse was injected, this could shed light on the nature of the problem.

Footballer Horrified by Scandal

James Robinson, the famed footballer who’s played for Melbourne Victory FC and Richmond SC, claims he was horrified to learn his revelation may have caused the trouble. He defended Gai Waterhouse, saying she would never run a horse which was in physical danger. In the next moment, though, he said something must have been wrong, since the horse finished 7th in an 8 horse race.

Rugby legend Andrew Johns denied he and Tom Waterhouse ever discussed the horse’s condition. The former captain of the Newcastle Knights is said to be good friends with John Singleton, but it appears he would like to put the incident behind them.

Accusations and Denials

At an earlier inquiry, Tom Waterhouse denied accusations he revealed secrets about the horse. Releases from a previous inquiry shows that two doctors looked at More Joyous and determined that, while injured, the horse could continue with the All Aged race.

“More Joyous” Scandal

Australian news agencies have had a field day with the scandal, which involves some of the most famous names in recent Australian sports. More information is to follow soon. The inquiries to this point have not had the power to compel testimony, but upcoming inquests will. As more accurate information is divulged by parties at the centre of the story, that information should become available to the public. Continue reading for more updates.

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