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Lotto joy in Lathlain, WA and NZ

Sat, Feb 11, 9:29am by Staff Writer

Continuing a charmed run of good fortune for the state, Western Australia has minted yet another multimillionaire courtesy of a massive lotto win.

One of two lucky winners splitting the AUD$30 million Division One jackpot – awarded via Oz Lotto’s Tuesday night draw on February 7 – is an unemployed woman living in the Perth suburb of Lathlain.

The woman, who has elected to remain anonymous, purchased a ticket for Draw #1199 from the Archer Street Newsagency in nearby Carlisle. Fortunately for her, the ticket was one of only two sold in Australia matching the eventual winning numbers of 20, 32, 4, 8, 29, 37, and 40.

Speaking to Lotterywest following the big win, the woman explained that she recently lost her job, making the improbable jackpot that much sweeter. Even so, she still has her sights set on securing gainful employment in the immediate aftermath:

“It’s been a tough 12 months. Finding work in this economy hasn’t been easy but I’ll keep looking and even have an interview in a couple of days.”

Asked how she planned to treat herself, the winner explained that her big “splurge” would be modest when compared to other lotto winners:

“I’ve had my eye on a $60 handbag for quite a while now. That’ll be a nice treat.”

The eyepopping eight-figure jackpot was the latest in a string of major lotto wins by WA players in 2017, with new millionaires made seemingly every week.

The other half of that AUD$30 million Oz Lotto jackpot was claimed by a farmer in Mareeba, in the far northern reaches of Queensland.

Over in New Zealand a young couple with a child on the way received the most memorable baby shower gift imaginable.

When the couple, who hails from Central Otago, matched all six numbers of 2, 3 16, 17, 38, and 39, along with the Powerball number of 2, their ticket cashed in for a whopping NZD$18 million Division One jackpot.

Following the proceedings for Draw #1618 on February 4, the couple checked their numbers on and mistakenly read out a lesser prize. As the husband recounted to New Zealand Lotteries Commission officials later on, his wife’s astute eye was required to confirm the previously unbelievable:

“On Sunday morning, I had an email from Lotto NZ telling me I’d won a prize. So I logged into my MyLotto account and saw the prize and thought ‘oh yeah, cool.’

“A bunch of our friends and family were around and I was pretty chuffed so I strolled into the lounge and told everyone we’d just won $18,000 with Lotto. Everyone was excited, but then my wife had a proper look at it and she said ‘ah honey, no – we’ve won $18 million.’”

The husband was also quick to point out that the timing couldn’t have been better, what with a newborn soon to join the clan:

“We’re most excited about the life we can now provide for our baby and the opportunities this creates. We’re over the moon.”

“We’re trying to keep level headed about it and not go crazy. We’ll pay off the mortgage, we’ll help out family and give some money to charity.”

As for the expectant wife, her celebratory phone calls understandably led to some confusion among close friends:

“We phoned some friends yesterday to tell them that we had some news, but because we’re pregnant everyone’s first guess was that we were having twins.”

“They certainly weren’t expecting to hear that we’d just won Powerball.”

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