Lucky punter wins $11m lotto draw 

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Lucky punter wins $11m lotto draw 

One lucky Australian has woken up a millionaire after winning an $11 million Oz Lotto prize.

Yahoo News reports an individual from the Australian Capital Territory has scooped up the entire division one jackpot and other divisional prizes in Tuesday’s draw.

Lottery agency The Lott announced the win on Twitter, revealing the winner had taken the entire jackpot and more.

In total, they will take home $11,283,854.81 after having selected all seven drawn numbers.

The winning numbers were 12, 26, 22, 13, 10, 43, 25 and the supplementary numbers were 34 and 2.

The Lott also revealed on Tuesday that a New South Wales player from southwest of Sydney won $100,000 in the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot drawn last Wednesday.

The winner checked his ticket on his phone Monday evening and was initially sceptical he had actually won.

“I thought it wasn’t right. I am used to winning small amounts, but this was insane. I thought, ‘What! No way, this can’t be real!,” he told officials.

The man said he planned to spoil his mum with some of his winnings.

Calls grow for online lottery sales in the US

Lottery operators in the United States are rallying their state officials to allow online ticket sales as a new normal after less people are walking into agencies.

Casino Review reported in August that after helping many national lotteries around the world go digital over the past few months, Ade Repcenko, chief executive officer of Spinola Gaming, believes that an upgrade to online sales is indeed the only way forward for the US lottery sector.

Over the past few months, only a handful of states were able to legally offer digital lottery ticket sales during their respective lockdowns: Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, North Dakota and Virginia.

Many of these states revealed they had experienced a surge in online ticket sales, with New Hampshire registering a 38 per cent jump in first-time online players during this period.

All other states require players to purchase a lottery ticket in person from a retail outlet and all saw sales and revenues tumble dramatically during the pandemic.

Despite a desire to go digital now shared among many lottery figures nationwide, state operators still require regulatory changes to take place before they can make the shift.

Unless these regulatory changes happen fast, the US market will lag behind Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin American, who already allow legal online lottery sales.

Director of Oregon State Lottery Barry Pack said retailers in Oregon lost 70 per cent of their customers due to the lockdown.

“The recovery from this pandemic is going to force a digital transformation in our industry a whole lot more quickly than we might normally have seen it come,” he said.

“When the legislature reconvenes next week, they’re facing a billion-dollar shortfall.

“Their opinions about mobile gaming will change. I think there will be less resistance.”

Director of Maryland Lottery Gordon Medenica said: “We’ve been pushing a digital transformation and online selling ever since I’ve been in this industry, over the past 10 to 15 years,” he said.

“In Maryland, they passed a law three years ago banning sales on the internet.

“I think we’ll see a dramatic change and I’m looking forward to it.”

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