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May 29 and 30 Australian Lottery Draw Results

Fri, May 31, 2:13pm by Kevin Pitstock

Fake Lottery ScamsOne of the biggest Australian lottery prizes reset this past week, after someone won last week’s $10 million prize. Since the biggest jackpot has reset, we want to post winning numbers from last week.

Remember the recent story of the man from Sydney who won $31,027,691.70 and didn’t know it for a week. In the intervening time, rumours were started that the man was a wealthy investment banker, which proved to be the case. That’s a perfect indication you should double-check your own numbers and not listen to what your friends say about the results.

We start this week’s rundown by including up-to-the-minute results for the latest Australian Wednesday Gold Lotto and Australian Powerball Lottery, along with the most recent results for the Saturday Lotto, Oz Lotto, Pools Lottery, and $2/$5 Lucky Lotteries.

Many punters buy a ticket for each of these exciting Aussie lotteries, which is the best way to play the lotto if you intend on buying multiple tickets in a week. Remember, one ticket in each lottery draw is much better than having 7 tickets in any one of them.

Australian Wednesday Gold Lotto

The Australian Wednesday Gold Lotto for May 29, 2013 happened yesterday, but the draw had no Division 1 winners. The winning numbers were 2-5-24-30-38-44 for the main numbers, while the supplementary draw numbers were 6 and 21.

With no jackpot won this week, next week’s Wednesday lottery should hold particular interest for punters. For those still wondering about the May 22nd Wednesday Gold Lotto draw, the winning numbers were 6-7-9-26-38-42 and the supplementary numbers were 13-32.

Australian Powerball Lottery

The Thursday, May 30 Australian Powerball Lottery offers a top prize of $3,000,000. The winner will be announced in the next few hours, at which point this blog will be updated with the announced winning numbers. Last week’s $10,000,000 Australian Powerball Lottery draw produced 1 winner, who walked away with $10,000,000.00 in jackpot cash.

Results for the previous Thursday, May 23, 2013 include the main winning numbers of 1-6-10-14-26-27 and a Powerball number of 7. Beware reading results on one of the main lottery sites, because results for a Thursday, February 30 draw are showing (by mistake). Someone holding those numbers for today’s draw might get the mistaken impression they won the jackpot.

Australian Saturday Lotto

The May 25 draw numbers were 1-15-16-20-31-36. The supplementary numbers were 2 and 38. Five players won, so they shared a prize pool of $4,158,775.80. Each winner took away $831,755.16 apiece. The next Australian Saturday Lotto draw comes on June 1 and has an estimated Division 1 jackpot of $4,000,000 Australian.

May 18th’s main numbers were 3-6-14-16-25-31, while the supplementary numbers drawn were 9 and 35. Six different Division 1 winners won last week, each taking away a prize of $607,042.

Oz Lotto Tuesday Draw

The Tuesday, May 28 Oz Lotto draw jackpot was $10,000,000. The winning numbers were 1-14-25-26-30-31-35. The supplementary winning numbers were 18 and 27. No one won the Division 1 prize this week, so the jackpot moves to $15,000,000 on Tuesday, the 4th of June.

If you still want to know about last week’s draw, the main numbers for The Oz Lotto draw for Tuesday, May 21 were 2-3-19-23-41-43. 11 and 33 were the supplementary numbers.

The Pools Lottery Results

The Pools Lottery results for Saturday, May 25th include the winning numbers 2-6-7-13-32-37 and a supplementary number of 19. No one won last week’s big prize, so the jackpot goes to $235,000 for the Saturday, June 1st lotto.

If you’re a week behind, the Pools Lotto draw for May 19th resulted in the following numbers: 6-8-18-21-31-32 and a bonus number of 16. The Pools Lotto is the easiest to win lottery in Australia these days. Though you’ll receive a jackpot in the hundreds of thousands instead of millions, it’s the most realistic chance to win the lottery and we could all use a cash influx of a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

Lucky Lotteries $2 and $5 Draws

No one won on the Tuesday, May 28 draw of the $2 Lucky Lotteries contest, so the jackpot increases to $2,180,000.00 for the next available draw. No player won on the Tuesday, May 28 draw for the $5 Lucky Lotteries contest, either. This means the current jackpot increases to $15,335,000.00 for next week’s draw.

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