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Monday joy for Lotto players in Victoria and WA

Tue, Apr 4, 9:03am by Staff Writer

Last week’s major lotto draws produced a pair of massive wins, and in both cases, Monday was made the best day of the week.

First, a couple in Warrnambool watched the sunrise on Monday, March 27 following a fitful night of no sleep.

They had good reason to stay up, however, having just scanned the results from the recent TattsLotto draw #3723 roll in.

As the husband later told lotto officials, he and his wife were simply stunned as they began matching numbers 23, 20, 39, 16, 35 and 28 to their ticket:

“It was late last night when we realised so we’ve had no sleep whatsoever! My wife said ‘check this ticket’ – she’d bought a QuickPick last week.”

“I started going through the numbers and I said ‘what do you get for five straight numbers?’.  Then I looked at it again and I said ‘what do you get for six straight numbers?!”

Of course, the reward for landing six straight numbers on a TattLotto ticket – and beating the 1 in 8,145,060 odds against – is a share of the Division One prize pool. With all six numbers lined up perfectly, the lucky couple couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing. But after a long night spent wondering if everything was real, Monday morning brought the confirmation every lotto player covets:

“We thought it was a joke, that it can’t be right, that there’s something wrong.”

“Now that you’ve confirmed it I feel more excited than I did last night! This is one of the better Mondays I’ve ever woken up on I can tell you!”

With five separate Division One winners sold across Australia, the couple collected a $4.2 million jackpot prize.

Asked about plans for the windfall, the husband told TattsLotto that paying off the mortgage and assisting family members were chief priorities:

“It wouldn’t have mattered if it was $10,000, we’d still be as happy as Larry.  It’s come at a very good time for us.”

“There’s a fair few things we’ve got to do. This will really help us. It’s still a big shock!”

The winning ticket was sold by Northpoint Lotto & Gifts, located at Shop 10 & 11, 72 Mortlake Road in Warrnambool.

Monday was also key for a 35-year old public service employee in Bunbury, who told LotteryWest officials that feeling down on the first day of the work week prompted an impromptu lotto purchase.

Describing her Monday as ‘crappy’, the woman used an Oz Lotto ticket as a quick pick-me-up. The following day, draw #1206 produced winning numbers of 12, 39, 45, 41, 37, 22, and 23 – matching perfectly with the woman’s selections to make her the sole winner of a $15 million Division One jackpot. “I haven’t been able to sleep for days,” the woman said.

As she told LotteryWest officials, the winner was barely able to speak when phoning her sibling to share the good news:

“I rang my brother to tell him I thought I’d won and I just couldn’t string a coherent sentence together.”

The 15-year veteran of public service reported that the unexpected eight-figure cash infusion would be used to create a more secure lifestyle:

“No matter how hard you save and how much you budget you’re always just getting by.”

“This win means I’ll be able to get out of my shoebox rental and buy my own place. I might even travel – business class.”

“I’m set for life!”

The winning ticket was sold by Callows Corner Lottery Centre, located on 87 Queen Street in Busselton.

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