Money Back For Australian Open Punters Regardless Of Result

by Noah Taylor Last Updated

Now that the Australian Open final has gone into an epic fifth set, punters can do no worse than get their money back thanks to online bookmaker’s fifth set refund, which has refunded losing head to head bets on all matches that have gone the distance in this year’s Open.

The Djokovic/Nadal final is the 27th match to go to five sets in the Open.

In this match alone, more than $150,000 will be refunded to punters who backed Nadal if he loses, while Djokovic backers will be refunded more than $80,000 if the Serb goes down.

“Both players put in valiant performances in the final and we’re more than happy to refund losing bets as it’s almost unfair that there can only be one winner,”’s Haydn Lane said.

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