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Money Mayweather’s $250k winning weekend

Tue, Jan 24, 5:14pm by Staff Writer

You’d love to be able to bet, and win, like Floyd Mayweather.

The champion boxer, who was unbeaten in 49 professional fights, is continuing his winning ways when it comes to his big bets on major American sports.

Mayweather profited around $250,000 from four big bets on the weekend on basketball and NFL, kicking off with a $100,000 bet on college basketball and Gonzaga to beat the -8 half time spread in their Thursday night game against Santa Clara.

Gonzaga, who are 18-0 this season, led 38-22 at the half, allowing Money Mayweather to collect nearly $187.000 in the space of around 20 minutes.

He backed up Friday by taking the Golden State Warriors to beat the spread in their clash with Houston. It’s the exact same bet, we at recommended, but Mayweather had a lazy $50,000 on it for a collect of around $95,500. The Warriors won by 17 points.

Not satisfied with that, Mayweather launched another $100,000 on college basketball on Saturday night. That was lot less comfortable as he bet on Cincinnati to beat the -16.5 spread against Tulane,

The Bearcats got home by 17, but a missed jumper with nine seconds to go by Tulane’s Malik Morgan could have spoiled Mayweather’s day.

Perhaps a bit rattled by his Saturday night pulse-raiser, Mayweather reeled back the outlay as he had $30,000 on the Atlanta Falcons to cover a -3.5 spread in the first half of their conference playoff against Green Bay.

That bet was never in doubt as they led 24-0 at the break on their way to making the Superbowl.

We don’t know if they were Mayweather’s only bets on the weekend, but he was up over $US250k on those bets alone.

It’s certainly better than fighting for a living.

Mayweather has been linked with a comeback fight against UFC sensation Conor McGregor in the near future.

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