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New casino in Grand Theft Auto online game

Tue, Jun 11, 2:38pm by Staff Writer

Avid gamers of Grand Theft Auto will notice some changes have been made to the game, more than six years after it was created.

If you head down to the casino in the game today, the vacant and unused casino has been updated, according to data miners.

Kokatu Australia is reporting that when GTA 5 and GTA Online launched in 2013, players noticed an unused casino just north of Los Santos.

On the front of the building was a sign stating the casino was “Coming Soon!”

Years passed. This sign became a meme, and the casino became a strange relic.

After a small server-side update to GTA Online last week, that sign is gone.

Beyond removing the sign, the front entrance is now blocked off by construction props and cones.

It seems something is happening, with players investigating the area.

According to Tezfun, a well-known GTA data miner, this is just the beginning.

A string of code has been found within the game that seems to lay out a plan for the casino.

In the coming weeks, more construction-related props will appear, with the façade continuing to change for most of June.

There is speculation in the GTA Online community that a large update focused on the casino will launch sometime in late June or early July.

The timing of these rumours and the updates to the casino are interesting, since last month Rockstar added gambling to Red Dead Online in the form of poker games.

Mahjong 88 brings popular game to life

Play’n Go’s new Mahjong 88 slot features an 8 x 8 grid, bringing to life a popular 19th century tile game.

Online Casino Reports is reporting that the game has seen many variations throughout the years and it’s been made available for play in numerous electronic iterations, but Play’n Go has gone a step further and created a casino slot featuring this well-known theme.

Mahjong 88 is the company’s first game to feature the cluster pays systems, with symbols paying when they appear in clusters of at least four.

Players familiar with Mahjong will certainly recognise various tiles with dice-like numbers and other colourful flowers.

Despite being a new release, this slot has managed to preserve the original classic feel of this old tile game.

Once a winning combination is formed, the symbols are removed from the grid but instead of new ones cascading onto the reels, they’re uncovered from fresh tiles, which turn over to reveal what’s hidden on the other side.

The game comes rich in features and with the gameplay that keeps the players’ interest.

The play is divided into four seasons and each season brings its own type of wilds.

Upon completing a season, players are awarded the season bonus, which grows with every win.

The Mahjong Metre located to the right of the grid is filled every time there is a winning combination.

A total of 33 tiles need to be matched for one of four Fortune Frog features to be activated, namely spawn, croak, tongue and hop.

Once the first feature is activated, the metre will continue to fill up, moving towards Super Charge.

If at least 88 tiles are matched in the same spin, the Super Charge feature is activated and all round wins are multiplied by five.

Play’n Go’s Mahjong 88 is definitely an entertaining and different game that could capture attention of the players.

With an exciting gameplay and plenty of features, there is something always happening on the reels, which is exactly what most players are looking for in slots these days.

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