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New virtual games by Spintec in Sydney club

Tue, Jul 9, 6:02pm by Staff Writer

Spintec is celebrating after a successful installation of its Aura amphitheatre gaming setup in one of Sydney’s most prominent clubs.

Casino Review is reporting that the installation happened in the first part of the year, with initial results very encouraging.

Spintec and its Australian distribution partner, Independent Gaming, have very optimistic plans for the Australian market.

“We went through a very long certification process, our research and development team invested a lot of time and effort and now we are very proud of what we have achieved,” regional sales manager at Spintec Primoz Krsevan said.

Between August 13 and 15, Spintec will be at the Australasian Gaming Expo that will take place in Sydney at Darling Harbour.

Together with Independent Gaming, they will present their ultimate gaming solutions.

“This year’s AGE is very special to us, as we have finally entered into the market and started making the first footprints in the Australian gaming industry,” Mr Krsevan said.

Spintec will showcase its amphitheatre setup with a library of virtual games that include roulette, baccarat and sic bo.

Spintec is very confident that the Aura amphitheatre solution will have great success in the Australian market.

Players love Aura’s incomparable comfort, dedicated space for personal belongings and drinks, widescreen and intuitive user interface and luxuriously soft natural materials, while the operators appreciate Aura’s customization options, modularity, compatibility and stability.

Aura definitely keeps players in their seats, which leads to longer gaming sessions and consequently higher revenues for the operators.

For the first time at AGE, Spintec will present its compact solution Karma 8 GEN2 Automated Roulette.

Karma roulette is one of the most sold Spintec products in Asia.

Customizable and ergonomically designed, with unbeatable comfort and its modular arrays mean the products will bring success on the Australian market for years to come.

Technology, gambling and research come together

Five universities across Australia will benefit from a new grant that will support projects that focus on youth and families via the use of new technology.

The 2019 Responsible Gambling grants will subsequently distribute nearly $400,000 to those five New South Wales universities.

Casino Australia is reporting that the New South Wales Office of Responsible Gambling regularly supports programs and initiatives that will prevent and minimise the harm of gambling on members of society.

The latest move by the group is a unique way to do it.

On May 22, an announcement was made that a grant of almost $400,000 would be allocated to five universities for “research to help prevent and reduce gambling harms.”

According to the office’s director, innovative projects are the key to achieving its goals.

“Technology, and in particular online betting, have made it easier than ever before for people to gamble,” Director Natalie Wright said.

“We need to better understand betting motivations and what approaches work best for people at risk of gambling harm.”

“It’s also important our research looks into the impact of gambling technology and innovation on younger people as well as the effectiveness of support for families of problem gamblers.”

Responsible Gambling grants will go to affected young people for its most probable solutions.

After all, they are the best equipped to deliver solutions.

Wright said, “By funding programs and research projects like these we will further develop and underpin the evidence base for responsible gambling policy and programs.”

The university Responsible Gambling grants are the second funding project of the year from the government.

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