Niche gambling markets offered as big leagues shut down

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With casinos shut and major sports cancelling or postponing their seasons, bookmakers and gambling sites are still finding ways to reach problem gamblers, experts have warned.

ABC News reports that in place of major sporting events, more niche sports are already being marketed to punters, according to Deakin University gambling expert Professor Samantha Thomas.

“Today in my Twitter feed, there was a promotion of table tennis overseas and when I clicked on that link, it took me to betting markets for a table tennis match in Russia,” Dr Thomas said.

“This is from an Australian bookmaker and I anticipate that we will see a lot more of those exotic markets or more obscure international markets being promoted because they are the only markets that are open at the moment.”

Dry Thomas says the group she is most concerned about is young men, who are traditionally targeted by bookmakers.

She wants to see more measures in place to protect them, including banning gambling on credit cards.

“Now would be a really good time to fast-track some of those measures to make sure that people are protected at this time,” she said.

In addition to reality TV, politics and the weather, esports have not faced the same slump as physical gaming.

University of Sydney’s director of the gambling treatment and research clinic Sally Gainsbury said novelty stakes could also gain popularity in the absence of anything else.

“There are other events that can be bet on – from reality TV to the weather to political betting, or other key decisions in society, so there will be options for betting,” Dr Gainsbury said.

“What we don’t know is the extent to which regular punters will switch over to these types of betting, whether they’ll reduce their betting or switch to some other form of gambling entirely.”

Aristocrat bullish amid coronavirus panic

Top performing gambling regions around the world have been temporarily shuttered due to coronavirus.

Included are locations like Macau and Las Vegas Strip that experience loss of several hundreds of millions of dollars.

Some countries have already requested bailout measures like the USA and UK, LCB reports, but it is likely gambling operators will need additional support.

One of the top-rated producers of gaming equipment and Australia-based operator Aristocrat, has just expressed its readiness to face the consequences of coronavirus.

Aristocrat has just released a statement to alleviate concerns regarding the potential decrease in revenues and possible effect to its clients.

The report has been submitted to the Australian Securities Exchange, claiming the full recognition of expected declines which will be overcome through the well-though business model.

In a statement, the group said its fundamentals continue to underpin its strategy and long-term confidence.

“Aristocrat has a conservatively geared balance sheet, with a net EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) ratio of 1.4x (as of September 30, 2019).

“In addition, Aristocrat’s term loan facility is not due until October 2024 and is covenant lite, providing significant financial flexibility.”

Aristocrat launches first in Vegas casino

Aristocrat Technologies announced in February the launch of the first ever Buffalo Bar located at Rampart Casino in Summerlin.

The newest evolution of the fan-favourite brand, Buffalo, offers an all-new experience for players that combines gaming and leisure for locals and visitors alike.

The Buffalo Bar will officially open on Saturday at 5pm.

“We’re excited to unveil the Buffalo Bar concept in partnership with Rampart Casino,” senior vice president of commercial strategy and data analytics for Aristocrat Jon Hanlin said.

“Buffalo has become a staple in the gaming community, and we’re excited to create an experience for players unlike any other.”

The space will feature a wide variety of Buffalo slot games including the all-new Winner’s World Multi-Game bar top, featuring Buffalo slots and Buffalo Keno, as well as player favourites including Buffalo, Buffalo Gold, Buffalo Gold Revolution, Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Diamond and Buffalo Grand.

Located just off the casino floor, the Buffalo Bar will feature 1,095 square feet of gaming as well as offer nine bar seats with corresponding Aristocrat bar-top games.

Furthermore, the bar will feature the signature “Hairy Buffalo” cocktail.

“Our customers know and love the Buffalo brand, so to partner with Aristocrat and launch the first Buffalo Bar with all the different themed gaming options in one area is forward-thinking from the casino-side and very exciting for our players,” Michelle Bacigalupi, vice president and general manager at Rampart Casino said.

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