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Online gaming platform Gamblica set to revolutionise the industry

Fri, Dec 28, 7:57am by Staff Writer

The online gambling industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world with an annual growth rate of 9 per cent and one of the new players in online gambling is Gamblica, an online blockchain-based casino offering games such as roulette, slot machines and sports betting.

The platform runs on a transparent and secure smart contract system, with a crowd sale completed in August, 2018.

Users were able to purchase internal currency tokens known as GMBC tokens that could be redeemed and used for all Gamblica games and sports betting.

It is integrated into the Gamblica system, ensuring the maximum turnover of the cryptocurrency.

Gamblica’s introduction into the online gaming world is the brainchild of gambling enthusiasts and is based on the integration of innovative IT solutions.

It promises fair random number generation, cards distribution, betting slip odds calculations, distribution of funds and payouts.

The platform aims to revolutionise online gambling by making it safer, more transparent and scalable like never before.

The creators of Gamblica remarked that their platform is designed to solve all the problems gamblers have to face in terms of trust, international market entry and personal data protection.

Gamblica offers a number of benefits to gamblers on its platform including:

  • Universal and scalable systems with no need to modify the program across regions.
  • No limits except for those imposed by Ethereum transaction throughput
  • Faster transactions around the world with lower transaction costs
  • User account or withdrawals cannot be blocked by the casino

Following the token sale, which concluded in August, 723,925,462 GMBC tokens worth more than $7 million were sold.

Chance of punters to try out the Gamblica platform

An alpha version of the platform has been released by Gamblica creators called the Win-Win program.

This will last until March 2019 and gives players the chance to get back their deposits plus their winnings after obtaining official license and casino registration.

It allows users to try their own luck without risk, with the aim to test the platform and fix any possible issues before official release.

Gamblica’s slots reportedly have the highest return to player value in the world according to Coin Speaker.

If a player will play 100 times a slot each time betting $1, the return to play is 90 per cent and the player receives $90 in wins.

The highest return to play values have the slots like Mega Joker (99 per cent), Cosmic Quest (98.95 per cent) and Jackpot 6000 (98.86 per cent).

Gamblica has surpassed them all with a return to player value of 99.6 per cent.

To start playing at Gamblica, players need GMBC token that serve was fuel for the platform’s economy. They are listed at Tidex and BiteBTC exchanges where they can be purchased at any time.

Slots, card games and sports betting all on Gamblica’s agenda

Gamblica develops plan to launch 10-20 different slot machines driven by blockchain technologies by March 2019.

The company’s poker room is also a major focus as it hopes to attract poker players from all over the world.

The game will allegedly be free from unfair play thanks to the Poker RNG (random number generator).

This will make it impossible to influence probability of hitting certain cards from the deck for example. The player is able to try his or her own luck without any intermediaries.

Sports betting is also in Gamblica’s sights and they are set to cash in on the fact that two-thirds of the total number of bets in the world are placed using personal computers, tablets and smart phones.

By 2025, it is expected that 80 per cent of all bets will be placed online. A secure and reliable way of betting doesn’t exist according to Gamblica.

They hope to break the market with their own platform powered by smart contracts and Blockchain, where algorithms cannot be altered.

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