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Owners of WA’s “Luckiest” Lotto Kiosks Reveal Secrets to Success

Thu, Aug 3, 3:14pm by Staff Writer

Everybody who plays the lottery is looking to beat astronomical odds and cash in a jackpot-winning ticket.

But as a recent profile published by the South Perth Southern Gazette reveals, the owners of lotto ticket kiosks across Western Australia are also in search the secret to producing life-changing scores.

For businesspeople like Raj Selvendra – owner of the Here’s Luck Lottery Centre in Cloverdale – their bread is buttered by big-time payouts and the subsequent publicity they provide. The winner’s stories published regularly by Lotterywest and its associated games always shine the spotlight on the fortunate player – but details on where they purchased the winning ticket are typically included.

And because casual gamblers tend to put their faith in intangibles like “lucky” kiosks, generating a few Division One jackpots and the multimillion dollar payouts they entail can send hundreds of hopefuls to a single point of sale.

Selvendra has seen his Cloverdale kiosk, which is located in the Belmont Forum shopping centre, deliver 26 such Division One winners over the last 15 years. Since purchasing the outlet in 2002, Selvendra reports that Here’s Luck has sold at least two Division One winners every single year.

That improbable streak has been enough to bestow the title of “WA’s Luckiest Lotto Seller” on Selvendra, an honor he proudly relishes.

While speaking to the South Perth Southern Gazette in an interview published July 30, Selvendra offered an interesting take on his location’s propensity for paying out top dollar:

“We’ve been number one because we have good feng shui. I have a feng shui master come from Hong Kong every year.

He marks out where everything should be. He looks at the architecture, the wind and the water.

Feng shui is about confluence.”

While the role of feng shui – an ancient Chinese practice based on achieving harmony through interior decorating – is impossible to confirm, Selvendra also provided hard statistics to back up his beliefs:

“We have the highest turnover in Australia.

In lotto sales, while the rest of WA is down seven per cent, we are up by six per cent.”

In a 2016 profile which covered Here’s Luck leading the way in Division One winners for yet another year, published by the West Australian last December, Selvendra also spoke to the satisfaction he derives from helping to make so many players’ dreams come true:

“It is very rewarding to see someone win, especially from your own area.

They all have wonderful stories to tell.”

As revealed by the South Perth Southern Gazette, the second-winningest lotto location in WA is the Nextra Forum West Newsagency in Mandurah.

Owned by husband and wife team Glenn and Jenny Cornish, the Nextra Forum has dispensed two Division One winners in 2017 alone.

Mr. Cornish said he has players who routinely drive the 70+ kilometer route from Perth to his store, where the same friendly faces greet their well-known regulars. And as he told the newspaper, those faces are often crucial in deciding whether or not a player makes a purchase:

“Many people will only buy their tickets from certain staff members.

Every staff member has their own following, they’ve developed a rapport.”

The third-most prolific jackpot site in WA was listed as the Woodvale Boulevard Newsagency in Woodvale.

The odds of winning a Division One jackpot while playing Lotterywest’s Saturday and Monday Lottos are 1 in 8,145,060. In order to win the Division One prize for Oz Lotto, players must overcome 1 in 45,379,620 odds, while the Powerball contest offers Division One odds of 1 in 76,767,600.

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