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Oz Lotto Offering $100 Million Prize

Fri, Nov 2, 8:41am by Ed Scimia

Are you prepared for one of the largest jackpots in Australian history? A $70 million jackpot in the Oz Lotto failed to be won on Tuesday, as nobody was able to match all seven winning numbers and take home the Division 1 winner. It has now been nine weeks since anyone has been able to win a Division 1 prize, which has led to the increasingly massive prizes.

The $100 million jackpot will be attached to the November 5 draw. In order to win all or a share of that prize, players must match all seven winning numbers. If more than one player manages to do so, the jackpot will be split amongst the lucky punters who have the winning numbers.

Of course, there are also a number of smaller prizes players can win even if they aren’t lucky enough to take home the jackpot. According to a lotteries spokeswoman, nearly $40 million in prize money was awarded to players who won smaller prizes, ranging from Division 2 to Division 7. Those prizes are awarded to players who are able to match just a few of the winning numbers, and in some cases, one or both o the supplementary numbers that are also drawn each week.

The $100 million jackpot has a chance to be the largest ever in Australian history. While it is a few dollars shy of the $106.5 million jackpot that two winners shared back in June 2009, it’s important to realize that even that historic jackpot only had a guarantee of $90 million. Given the massive influx of interest in the $100 million prize, it’s quite possible that Australia could award the biggest prize in national history on Tuesday.

The jackpot is an even larger event due to the fact that it also falls on Melbourne Cup Day, the largest horse racing even in Australia. The richest two-mile race in the world, the Melbourne Cup has been called “the race that stops a nation.” This has led organizers of Tuesday’s Oz Lotto draw to call it “the jackpot that stops a nation.” Certainly, the combination of the two events could make it one of the most exciting days of 2012 for Australian punters.

If you wish to buy tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime event, tickets are of course on sale throughout Australia. However, the most convenient method for purchasing tickets is through Oz Lotteries, where you can buy tickets for Oz Lotto and other lotto games online. Not only can you buy regular tickets there, but you can also purchase system ticket groups or buy into syndicates, or choose combinations using fun number picking games. If you make your purchase by November 3, you’ll also receive double lotto points, which can then be redeemed for discounts or free tickets on future draws.

Good luck in this amazing Oz Lotto drawing, and may all of your numbers be lucky! We’ll be sure to follow up on the winners – or the size of the next jackpot, should it roll over again – after Tuesday’s drawing.

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