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Poker Life: Poker Masters tournament to be streamed on PokerGO

Thu, Sep 7, 10:51am by Poker Guru

PokerGO is a new subscription service that gives customers access to poker streaming videos. They launched just a few months ago and has quickly become an important player in the poker world.

I do not know how much Facebook knows about me but I get a lot of PokerGO ads in my Facebook feed. That big pot between Tow Dwan, Antonio Esfandiari and Dan Negreanue was from one of PokerGO’s productions.

PokerGO and ESPN worked together to broadcast the WSOP Main Event live in July, and now PokerGO is adding more interesting events. In August they brough the old NBC show Poker After Dark back to life, and this week they are sending high stakes cash games with a minimum buy-in of $200k from Aria, Las Vegas.

Aria is my favourite place to stay in Las Vegas and they are, once again, trying to take over from Bellagio as the home of high stakes poker in Las Vegas.

Next week is the start of Poker Masters, a week-long series of one-day tournaments, each one with a buy-in of $50k or $100k. Whoever tops the leaderboard after the eight events will win a purple jacket.

Dan Negreanu has gone on Twitter and challenged other players on a $50k must win Purple Jacket bet. So far at least twenty players has accepted the bet which means that Dan Negreanu will win one million USD from the side bets alone, if he wins the jacket.

Dan Negreanu is a great marketer but I cannot imagine he has backing from Pokerstars or PokerGO—this must be the gamber in him talking

Anyway, this is of course great news for PokerGO and their subscription service. They want to become a “Netflix” of live poker broadcasting and I must say they are doing a pretty good job. I will sign up to watch the Poker Masters and I am not getting paid to say that.

Doug Polk, my favourite poker video blogger, has become a real star at Aria, appearing in many of the shows. In the last three episodes of Poker After Dark, Doug Polk appeared in all three.

Yesterday he publicly challenged Tow Dwan for a $5 Million heads-up match. I assume PokerGO will be happy to broadcast that, if Tom Dwan accepts the challenge. I would definitely want to watch it.

I like that poker is back in the news, and I like what PokerGO is doing.

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